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Agreed we all trade to make money. But what if it’s taking too much of your time? A full time trader may be able to give time to trade but what about those like you who have a full time job. Can they trade full time?

The answer is yes. Which my nifty course you need not keep looking at the trade 24*7. Just twice a day is enough.

But there are many who trade time for money forgetting that the trades are affecting their jobs. I got sacked on the job. I was caught red handed trading stock markets while on job. In those days there was no way to trade stock markets on a smart phone… Now days it’s easier. read more

Trading is very stressful no doubt because it’s uncertain and risky. One day you make money and another day you lose. But still you cannot take your hands off trading as you get tied to this habit. There is ego clash, wins, defeats all this leads to anxiety and stress.

You can use these techniques that can lower stress levels and make you less anxious in your decision making.

Why do traders get anxious while trading?

Because they are uncertain about the results so they are worried, nervous and uncertain about the outcome resulting in stress. read more

15 Lakh Loss Due To Tip Providers

How many of us keep getting calls from advisory/tip service providers promising huge returns from the markets?

I fail to understand how they get our phone numbers? Have you noticed they do not know our names? They start with do you trade stock markets?

Anyway before I say anything you can see this email sent to me. This person is in deep debt. Lost 15 Lakhs in stock markets because he took tips from advisory companies.

His email:

Due to heavy loss in the market due to wrong directions given by so many tips providers, I am not in a position to invest a huge amount right now. Currently my demat balance is only Rs.10,000. I have gone through your mails that the required amount to invest is Rs.75000/- or above. That is why I have not subscribed with you, because suppose after my subscription you would advise for hedge trade which is not possible for me as far as my investment is concerned. Any how I shall try to join with you very soon.
Siva. read more

In short: Selling of options on paper is unlimited risk so brokers block a huge margin as regulated by market makers. 100% margin is given against Nifty BeES holding to trade derivatives. Read to know more in details.

I get too many questions on selling of options. Some traders are sacred selling options and some do not sell options because they think a lot of margin is blocked.

If a lot of margin is blocked then there is a reason. Selling of options on paper is unlimited risk. So brokers have no other option but to block a huge margin as regulated by market makers. read more

There are a lot of traders who want to trade intraday or in other word indulge in day trading involving options.
There is nothing wrong with this except the problem is they want to do this while having a day job.

Do you know I was caught red-handed doing day trading in my office and was sacked immediately the day I was caught in the office doing day trading.

So if you want to day trade its fine but make sure you are doing it in your mobile and safely from the eyes of your boss – else the results can be bad. read more

What To Trade In General Elections 2019

I have been receiving emails from my free as well as paid members on What To Trade In General Elections in India to be held in April-May 2019?

Before reading this article I suggest you also read impact on Nifty and Bank Nifty on India VIX due to General Elections 2019.

Since this two months are going to be very volatile – I would suggest going for the debit spread strategy.

A debit spread is a strategy where a trader buys an option near to the money and sell an option slightly Out of the Money (OTM). read more

Date of Post: 04-Apr-2019

The general election will start from 11th April and end on 19th May 2019. The result day is 23rd May 2019.

This will happen to India VIX – a major factor that decides option premiums.

Here you can see India VIX here:

India VIX as on 04-Apr-2019, 2.07 pm:

From 11th April 2019 it will start rising and will be in range of 16-18 to 20-22 until 19th May 2019. Then from 20 to 23rd May 2019 it will keep rising and may cross 22-25. After 23rd May 2019 it will start to drop. read more

Option traders must be very smart before they put their money on risk trading options.
In this post I will discuss some things what an option trader must look at before trading.

No 1 question should be – “Does This Fit My Portfolio?”

Before trading you must know your max risk in the trade. If your max risk is more than what you can afford its better to avoid trading. Do not trade against your portfolio size.

No 2 is – “What Plan I Have If My Trade Goes Wrong?”

Do not hesitate to take a stop loss if the position goes against you. However on the contrary traders seems to average out a bad position. read more

How To Improve Consistency In Your Trading

How To Improve Consistency In Your Trading

If you are failing to consistently book profits then there is something wrong in your trading style. Consistent return is very important in stock trading. The problem is change in plan of trading every time they trade. And this is one of the main reasons why most fail.

Misconception of Trading

Traders think consistent profits means making money every day and winning every trade. This is a huge misconception. Consistent profits means successful in at least 70-80% of the trades and losses if any are limited.
This ensures they make profit in one financial year. read more

Date of post: 25-Feb-2019

Some reasons why there is too much volatility in the markets:

  • Indo-Pak Tension – This could have tanked Nifty but luckily it did not break 10600, but created confusion in traders mind. It did go down but not too much.
  • Tussle Between Government and RBI. This problem is going on since very long and I do not think this will get over soon.
  • General Elections in Apr-May 2019 – This is a major source of volatility and will keep moving the markets till the elections are not over.

My advice is trade with the basics of trading – do not let the stop loss be violated. This means if you have decided to keep stop loss on certain point – it’s better to exit the trade at that point. And when it comes for time to book profit – just do that. Do not wait for more.

If you want to play safe my courses will help you. Please note that option selling is required so you must have at least 75,000 in your account to do my strategies. read more