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Intraday Margins Are Increasing What You Can Do

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I hope you know by now that the margin blocked for Intraday trades is increasing in a phased manner from Dec 2020 and will go on till September 2021.

This circular was put out by SEBI in Jul 20, 2020. It basically says to increase intraday margins in a phased manner from Dec 2020 to Sep 2021.

Here is the details of the margin increase in 4 phases. The new changes will take effect in 4 phases: read more


Union Budget 2021 India VIX Will Crash

This post was written on 01-Feb-21 at 11.46 am.

Today, Monday, 01-Feb-21, is Union Budget 2021 day. Its live now in the Indian Parliament. Finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman is announcing the budget in the parliament now.

Whenever there is a major financial event, as a trader you should keep a track on India VIX:

As on 11.46 am it has already crashed more than 3.9% because the announced has started – the fall will be much swift from tomorrow. With time and very fast it will keep crashing irrespective of the movement of Nifty/stock markets. read more


Why You Must Hold Some Good Stocks Forever

In this post, I will discuss why holding a few good stocks forever is good. What is forever? 10 years or more.
What is the likelihood of holding a share for 10 years? Well very likely. But how many investors hold even a single share for 10 years? Very few.

Well, I do have a course on how to select stocks to hold for the long term. I do not have a page on that because of the reason given above – not many investors hold a share for 10 years. If interested you can WhatsApp me.

We all know Warren Buffett is one of those who have made billions out of stock investing. I do not think anyone else will beat his returns in future. Why because we have become short-sighted as far as returns are concerned. read more


Budget on 1 February 2021 What You Can Do

Article written on: Monday, 25-Jan-2021

All stock traders small, big and HNIs even FIIs will keep an eye on on the Budget that will be presented by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on February 1, 2021. The Budget is being presented at a difficult juncture for the economy. According to the first advance estimates, India’s economy is projected to contract by 7.7 per cent in 2020-21.
This budget will be presented in a very interesting situation as far as stock markets are concerned.


First, read the above paragraph. I repeat – This Budget 2021, is being presented at a difficult juncture for the economy. According to the first advance estimates, India’s economy is projected to contract by 7.7 per cent in 2020-21. read more


Bajaj Finance Ltd. Is A Fundamentally Strong Stock

I keep sending investment ideas, not tips, to my customers who have done my course.

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On Jan 18, 2021 at 1:28 PM, I sent a mail to my mailing list that has email of people who have done my Nifty or BN course.

Here is the screenshot of the email sent date as proof (a copy of the email goes to me as well):

Here is the screenshot of the email sent:

Copy of the email in text (only after the stock already rallied):
Hi, read more


Date 18-Jan-21 A Note On Stock Markets

I kept telling via my emails, that Nifty is due for a fall. If you have not subscribed to receive my emails please register here:

Recently it fell from 14600 levels to now 14300.

NSE on 18-Jan-21

Source: https://money.rediff.com/index.html

What will happen next?

Two major events are coming:

1. 20-Jan-21 – Biden taking over as President of USA. (I think if he takes the oath and become President of USA he will be the oldest man to become the President of USA. read more

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Option theta is very important indicator for traders whether you want to buy or sell options. It helps to predict how over time the price of the option will change.

Theta is time value of options, means options expire on a certain date so their life is limited. Time value is built in the premium of the option, of course it ends when the option expires on the expiry date. If you want to read Option Greeks in details you can read here.

Time decay accelerates as an option nears its expiration date. It is the fasted on the last day of its life. Option cannot be traded once the market closes on its expiry date. All the traded contracts are settled for profit and losses on this date. read more


How To Prepare For Stock Trading in 2021

Here is a list of things you can prepare before the year ends so that you trade stocks well in the year 2021.

1. Check you past trades of 2020. See what mistakes you did. Write them down and try not to repeat those mistakes.

2. In the trades that you were right and book profit – write what happened that you made profits and what you could have done to get better results. You can do these corrections in the trade taken in the year 2021.

3. If there was more than 10,000 loss in a single trade – write down why you did not take a stop loss. Even if your reasoning is correct, it is 100% WRONG not to take a stop loss at minimum 2 and maximum 5% of the margin blocked in a trade. read more


Nifty Intraday Move Very Volatile What Traders Can Do

Nifty intraday movement has become very volatile now. For intraday traders, this is a problem.

Check this intraday movement of NSE on Friday, 18-Dec-20. Intraday movement is more than 100 points:

Source: https://money.rediff.com/index.html

What you can do if you are an intraday trader?

Keep your profit target more than stop-loss every day. For example, if your profit target is 50 points a day then your stop loss should be 25 points.

Personally, I do not like intraday trading. I was caught doing it while in a job in 2007 and was sacked. read more


Intraday Margin Will Increase From 01-Dec-2020

This post was written & posted on Monday, 30-Nov-20, therefore you may read some words as Today/Tomorrow etc. Please keep this date in mind while reading.

Some help was taken from these sources to write the article:
1) ZERODHA – India’s No. 1 discount broker, &
2) UPSTOX – India’s No. 2 discount broker.

If you click on the above link and open an account mapped to me I will teach you a good equity investment strategy where you will learn how to choose stocks for short term investment and how to choose stocks for long term investment. You will feel good choosing and investing yourself rather than depending on advisory services. read more