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In this post you will learn 10 rules of successful trading.

Problems start from misconception of share market. It all starts with “Share Market is Gold – I will invest and become very rich very soon and leave my job”. Well dreaming is ok but over-dreaming is not.

Its not the fault of a new investor or trader – the way things are marketed – its their fault – the media and people who get benefit from your trading like tip providers, trading software providers, high cost brokering firms etc. read more


Technical Analysis is Past Not Future

It’s a myth that technical analysis works great in stock market trading. Technical Analysis is just a beautiful drawing of the past but not an assurance of the future. Otherwise all technical analysts would have been sitting in huge pile of cash trading the stock markets. But this is not happening.

There was a time when I used to believe a lot on technical analysis but I saw that it had a success rate of only 50%.

If you also trade on 5 min candle stick charts you will know what I am saying. TA is a beautiful presentation of what is happening in the markets but NOT what will happen in the markets. read more


Risk To Reward Ratio Explained

In this article you will learn how to trade using the risk to reward ratio.

Risk to Reward Ratio is the concept where a trader knows before taking a trade where to take a stop loss and where to take profits out.

A novice trader never writes anywhere before taking a trade where to take a stop loss. However an experienced trader knows very well what risk he is taking in a trade and what reward he is expecting. An experienced trader will never move away from a decision he/she takes.

Let me take an example of a Long Call. Let us assume that Nifty ATM CE is trading at 100. A novice trader will buy it “thinking / hoping” that Nifty will move up without realizing that options have time value that melts away with time if there is no move. They treat an option buy equal to futures buy which is not. read more


When to Short Stocks Nifty or BankNifty

One of the best ways to short stocks, nifty or banknifty is on a bad news. I am a great fan of bad news. See this chart of PNB after the news came out of the Nirav Modi scandal. The Punjab National Bank scam came to light on 14 February 2018, and since then it has been a downhill ride for the Indian Banking community especially PNB – Punjab National Bank.

See the downhill chart of PNB from the news came out:

PNB Stock Chart 13-Feb-18

The downhill continues for months for PNB:

PBN on 18-May-18

It is almost certain that a stock will fall heavily when bad news hits the company. Resignation of a top manager, employee specific scandal, tax hiding getting caught (like Satyam), any illegal activity – even a small illegal activity will take the stock down by 5%. read more


Why Option Traders Lose Money

Learn the psychology of option traders and learn why they lose money.

There are certain days when Option Buyers make small profit and Option Sellers lose HUGE.

Look at this graph of Nifty on 07-June-18:

NSE 7-June-18

There is no stopping.

What does an option buyer think?

Wow huge profits – buy at 10 am and sell at 3 pm.

But what happens in reality? Buy at 10 am and sell at 10.30 am. A very small profit and then regret of leaving money on the table.

And what happens to option seller?

Sell at 10 am on the hope that Nifty will fall down – but do not exit at 11 or 12 or 1 or 2 because of the HOPE that Nifty will fall and they can exit in profit. Ultimately exit at 3-3.25 pm with a huge loss. read more


In media, news channels and among traders there goes a lot of buzz on what will be decision of RBI policy, its impact on stock markets, what trade to take based in RBI policy – go long or short, buy calls or puts, which stock to buy or short etc.

Whenever someone gets a strategy they start back-testing forgetting that a strategy can be made based on back test, but can you really future-test a strategy? You cannot. For that you have to trade that in live markets.

I personally do not believe in back-testing but for those who believe one of my course subscribers did a back-test on my Conservative Nifty Strategy for 2 years and found it too be superb. He is an experienced Technical Analyst and Full Time Trader. He did my course in 2015, so is it working now? Yes Course Testimonials of Year 2018 are proof of that. Three years in a row if a strategy is working in live markets then it will work in future too. read more


I keep getting calls from people all around India telling me that they have allowed someone else to trade in their account and are now losing money heavily. Do not let anyone else trade in your account. Keep your account username and password secured like you keep your bank account password secured. Let us see what damage it can do.

Out of greed/expectation/laziness/in faith or for whatever reason people let someone else (mostly brokers) trade in their account.

This is a a very bad practice and should never be done. Do not allow anyone whether your broker or friend or relative trade in your account on your behalf. You do not know what they have in mind and what they may do to your account. read more


Problems With BankNifty Options Trading

On 24-May-2018, BANKNIFTY closed at 26016.18:

BankNifty 24-May-2018

But something strange happened. See this image:

BankNifty Option Closing Price on 24-May-18

What is the problem?

Options on the expiry day after trading is over expire worthless if Out Of Money (OTM), or At The Money (ATM), or just have the intrinsic value left for options that are In The Money (ITM).

If you are trading bank nifty weekly options my bank nifty weekly course will help you a lot to trade bank nifty weekly either intraday or positional. You can use these properly hedged strategies to trade in stocks and nifty also. read more


How To Use Volume To Trade Stocks

What Is Volume?

Stocks trade when markets are open. Some stocks are traded less some more. The number of shares that is bought and sold over a given time period is volume. Note that volume can change over given time period.

For example when the PNB Scam news came the next day PNB witnessed more than average volume.

Where to find high volume shares on a particular day in India?

Top 25 – Volume Gainers – Source NSE India

Most Active – Volume – Source Economictimes

Stocks that are witnessing a huge surge in volumes – Source Moneycontrol read more


Novice Trader Makes 1.2% in 10 Days

Look at this first trade of a trader who traded option for the first time:

Jaykumar Testimonial 4-May-18. He traded option for the first time in life and made 1.2% return in 10 days – Results may vary for users

Jaykumar sent this Testimonial on WhatsApp for Web. He traded option for the first time in life and made 1.2% return in 10 days – Results may vary for users.

Margin block was approx 95k and he made 1200 so approx returns: 1.26% in 10 days.

Average return comes to more than 3% in 30 days.

This is approx 36% in a year. Ok fine lets take even more conservative approach

30% in a year.

Now think about it – COMPARE YOUR TRADING RETURNS VS 30% A YEAR. read more