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Since last few years BITCOIN And CryptoCurrency Trading is making a lot of noise. Investors especially in the western countries have shown a lot of Interest in BITCOIN And CryptoCurrency Trading.

What is BITCOIN?

Bitcoin is a new currency that was created in 2009 by an unknown person using the alias Satoshi Nakamoto. Transactions are made with no middle men – meaning, no banks! There are no transaction fees and no need to give your real name. More merchants are beginning to accept them: You can buy webhosting services, pizza or even manicures. read more


Benefit of Future Hedging

There are times when you read a bad news about a stock but are not fully confident of buying its put options as this is an uncertain market you never know what may happen in a few days. In cases such as these what may a trader do?

One idea is short futures with stop loss – but we know how risky it is so its not recommended. Main problem is with gap up and down opening the next day against your trade. In one trade more than 25000 can be lost. Take the recent upside of SBI – it opened gap up on 25-Oct-2017. See this image: read more


5 Tips Of Stock Trading

If you are trading casually you will lose money for sure. But if you work on it like a pro you will surly be a winner in a few days time. Here are 5 important tips for new traders to become a good stock trader.

1 – Writing Down Setups Are Most Important

It is very common for a new trader to do mistakes. Even I did a lot of mistakes when I started trading. But do not let these mistakes remain a mistake. Make a diary and note down all your trades. Write the date, time, NSE/BSE levels, any important news event that happened that day or the day earlier, stock specific news in which you took the trade, the reason you took the trade, your trade details. read more

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14 Lakh Loss Then A Loan For Survival

This story I think is same with almost everyone of us. I do get these kinds of emails almost everyday but this story looks the same as mine. I lost 7 lakhs doing speculative trading, taking tips etc. But then when I took it upon myself things changed.

See his email here:

14 lakh loss then loan

14 lakh loss then loan

This is what he wrote:

Hi Mr. Dilip,

I am a victim and have suffered total loss of about 14 lakh rupees.
This includes investment and losses.

Now, I am left with almost no money and had to take a loan of 2 lakhs.

I want to buy your course and start to play safe. read more


Successful Long Term Investing Ideas

When it comes to long term investing knowledge, patience and financial planning is the key.

Knowledge – In which stock to invest?

Patience – When to book profits or exit the stock with a loss? 5%, 10%, 20% or more?

Financial Planning – I have 10 lakhs to invest. In this stock how much should I invest?

If the above all three are correct then there is a very high chance that you will make good money from your investments.

However there is more. The above are three basic principals, I dig more into some more important principals of stocks investing. read more


MCX Gold Options Trade With Hedge

MCX has introduced gold option contracts that start trading today. It is good news for option traders who are profitable trading options. Liquidity in Gold Futures trading is very good which will show in Gold Option trading too.

However you must hedge your trades – without hedging you are at 100% or more risk.

What is a ‘Hedge’

Hedge is a trade that protects another trade – so basically you become a broker – take money from one hand and give from another.

Hedge reduces the risk of adverse price movements in any trading object – equity or derivatives. A hedge is taking opposite position in same or related security. Pair trading for example is a part-hedge not fully hedged trading. read more


How To Lock In Your Profits

Stock markets are at all time high and a lot of investors may be thinking of what to do with the profits they have made on stocks. If you are one of them, these are the things you can do:

1. Sell part of your holdings and book profits: This will help you to re-enter the stock if it falls again or you can get into another stock.

2. Sell all stocks and buy calls: Some investors do not want to sell their stock holdings thinking that it may go up even further. For them it is suggested to do the “Stock Replacement Strategy”. In this strategy, stock profits are taken and replaced by derivatives. read more


Checklist For New Stock Traders

Before new traders start trading they have “high hopes”. Here are some of the high hopes:

1. I will invest 5000 and make 10000 every month. They forget that its 100% return a month.
2. If Nifty will open gap up I will buy calls, if it opens gap down I will buy puts and make money. Its a myth that if there is a gap up the stock will keep going up or if gap down the stock will keep going down. Reversal is always possible.
3. Thought process of a new but rich-son trader: I will invest 1 lakh and make 1 crore in one year and prove my dad that he is a fool working hard in his business making just 30% return a year.
4. In five years time I will be a multimillionaire.
5. New option trader: I will buy an option for 10 and sell at 20 – doubling my money every time I trade because I have seen that happening many times. read more

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Making Trade Adjustments Is It Helpful

Making trade adjustments can help you reduce losses to some extend but not eliminate loss. For example sometimes option buyers average out buying options. Like buying at 10 then 7 then 5, thinking that since the average buy rate has come down, if the stock takes a U-Turn they can exit in profits.

Very rarely it happens, their entire money invested becomes zero (option expires worthless). There is only 1% chance that within limited time-frame the stock revives and takes a U-turn and the trade becomes either profitable or the trader exits with a small loss. read more


What Is Swing Trading

Swing trading is buying low and selling high in a short span of time. Some traders do it Intraday called as day traders and some take position for a few days.

Swing trading combines fundamental and technical analysis in order to find the stocks direction from the current position. Swing traders do not look for only up direction, if they feel the stock may go down they short them. All they are looking for is short momentum.

When they see the stock is not poised to move they do not take the trade. The benefit of swing trading is efficient use of time and money and higher returns. However their are drawbacks as well like high brokerage commission and high losses if their trade goes wrong. read more