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What is Nifty Option Chain NSE in Details

Since I started this website in 2014, the most asked question was related to the Nifty Option Chain NSE (National Stock Exchange). A lot of traders see the options chain before taking a trade. In this post, you will learn how to read, understand and interpret the option chain. I will explain the option chain of NSE available here:

In short, an option chain will show the LTP (Last Traded Price) of the options of a particular expiry of a stock/index. You can change the expiry date or the stock to see the options chain of that stock’s expiry. read more


How To Trade Intraday With Help From India VIX

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I also wrote earlier in my blog that India VIX and Nifty movement are inversely proportional. You can read that post here:

What is India VIX?

India VIX is a volatility index based on the NIFTY Index Option prices. From the best bid-ask prices of NIFTY Options contracts, a volatility figure (%) is calculated which indicates the expected market volatility over the next 30 calendar days. You can read more here: read more


How to Guess Sensex and Nifty Share Price Today for Intraday

This article was published on Thurs, 01-Sep-2022

Traders do a lot of speculative trading in the US as well as here in India. 70% of these trades in either options or futures are intraday. I asked a few of my customers why they trade only intraday – most of them replied the same. We do not want to take the overnight risk with our money. They were afraid of gap up or down opening the next day.

Well, there is nothing wrong with being afraid of the gap opening the next day, but most traders do not know that if they hedge their trades, the gap opening will not damage the position. The hedged trade works like a sword to protect the losses from the actual trade. read more

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Why Do Markets Fall On Rate Hikes By The Banks

This post was sent as a newsletter to my subscribers on Monday, 22-Aug-2022. The topic is – Why Do Stock Markets Fall On Rate Hikes By The Banks?

I wrote this topic because today (22-Aug-22) there was a fall in stock markets:

Image source: Rediff.com

The reason for this fall?

Reason 1: Central bankers worldwide including in India are aggressively doing rate hikes – this in turn is pushing the markets into negative territory. Source: https://www.businessinsider.in/stock-market/news/markets-are-entering-an-era-of-global-multi-year-interest-rate-hikes-to-combat-inflation-societe-generale-says/articleshow/93645531.cms read more


A Full-Time Trader Should Become Very Conservative

On Friday, July 22, 2022, I received a testimonial from one of my clients in Bangalore. He took retirement (Voluntary Retirement Opportunity (VRO)) from his job and switched to full-time trading. And he started reading my strategies. 🙂

Read above – he started reading the course. So happy that in 2022 when Youtube has taken over in almost every aspect of life – from listening to music to watching shows & movies to knowledge on everything – my strategies are something my clients look back to. This is clear that he too must have tried some strategy seen on Youtube – but later realized that it’s all not worth the time. read more


Learn How to Start Investing in U.S.A Stock Exchanges

This page has information on all the major U.S / U.S.A Stock Exchanges, how a person can start investing in them, and possible returns.

Before naming the major stock exchanges in the US I would like to discuss what happens in the US stock exchanges.

Important Information on Stock Exchanges (Applies to all stock exchanges in the world):

When you buy a company’s stock you become one of the owners of that company and are fully entitled to get the benefits of that ownership. Do not get too excited, you are only a part-owner and your rights and benefits are limited to the number of shares in percentage terms you own. For example, if a company declares a dividend of 100 dollars to be shared among its shareholders and suppose there are only 100 stocks of that company floating in the market and you own just one share, then you will get one dollar as a dividend. One share of 100 is 1% therefore the dividend you will receive will also be one percentage. read more


How to Profit in a Stock Market Crash

As I am writing this on Monday, June 20, 2022, Sensex and Nifty are at the lowest level this year 2022. Not sure that it will go down further, but one thing is for sure it will move up someday, it’s just a matter of time. Here is the Nifty live chart at 1.46 pm on 20-Jun-2022 – Source: Google:

From 18,000 levels down to 15,300 levels. That’s a decline of 13.18% this year. Is this good? No, it isn’t good for short-term equity investors, but it’s just another day for long-term equity investors – this kind of volatility they have seen many times. read more


Lessons From Warren Buffett Letter to Shareholders

Below are some of the lessons an Investor should learn from Warren Buffett’s letter to shareholders. I have sourced this article from many authentic websites. I have written the most important points that an investor should learn.

1. Economic Moat Keeps Changing of a Company:

What is Economic Moat?

“Economic Moat” is a long-term competitive advantage that a company holds that allows it to protect its market share and profitability. A company with a strong moat possesses a competitive advantage that is both strong and sustainable. The most effective moat is the Brand Name. For example SONY, SAMSUNG & LG charge a higher price than their competitors just because they can easily leverage their brand name in electronics items like Smart TVs, Music Systems, Refrigerators etc. read more


Can Non-U.S. Citizens Buy Stocks of U.S. Companies

In short, the answer is YES.

There is no regulation that says that you must be a citizen of the US to buy stocks of the US company. In India and other nations, there are many mutual funds that invest in US companies like Alphabet Inc. (earlier known as Google Inc.), Microsoft Corporation etc.

I am not sure about other countries, but an Indian can invest in US markets by opening a US brokerage account. You must have a PAN to open a US brokerage account. Please also note that to buy stocks you will have to transfer money to your account first before buying the stock. read more


You must have opened a Demat investing & trading account, if not click here to open a stock buying/selling brokerage Free Demat Account. Now if you do not know from where to start or what to do, then you are sure to do investing mistakes.

Before you start your trading/investing journey you must know the difference between intraday trading, swing trading and investing so that you know where to focus and expertise yourself. This is important because everybody’s lifestyle is different. Some people work 9 am to 7 pm and some work from 12 pm and some have night duty (security personnel, software engineers working from home for a US country etc). Plus patience plays an important part in investing and trading. read more