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Me with my son in 2013 – Struggling days 🙂

Hello and Welcome to TheOptionCourse.com. I am Dilip Shaw, founder of this website. I started this website in May 2014 to share Options, Futures and Stock Trading education with my website visitors. Since then it has become a very big website as I keep writing stock market information and educational related articles almost every trading day. People keep coming back to my site to read new articles via free emails. You can also get my latest articles in your email. For that you have to subscribe to my free newsletters. To do that just scroll up this page and fill the form with Your Name, Your Best Mobile Number, Your Best Email and hit Submit to get all free courses. Once you signup you will receive a “Thank You” email which will be sent instantly. Please check all your folders like promotion etc to make sure you got the Thank You email.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must read the mistakes I did when I started trading the stock markets in 2007. I lost more than Rs. 7 Lakhs in three years so please read that to avoid mistakes of trading that I did. I do not want you lose money the way I lost. Thanks.

My Education: BA, MA, DOEACC “A” Level Computer Science and MBA. Currently I have a consulting job (not a regular job). It has nothing to do with Stock Markets – but it helps me to compound the profits.

Update on 31st March 2016: Today I resigned from my job to concentrate full time to do stock trading and I am enjoying it. 31st March 2016 was chosen because on this day the financial year of 2015-16 ends.

I am not a company neither I own any company. I am a retail trader like you. I started trading since 2007 and was a loser till 2010. I am happy that now I am trading profitably almost every month. I trade mostly nifty options. Sometimes I do buy stocks in cash when I feel the stock is poised to move up.

Before I tell you more about myself its important to know why people lose money trading options. There was a time (2007 to 2010) when I used to do make these mistakes myself.

1. We get greedy and trade with more than we can afford.

2. When the trade goes against us, we sit in hope thinking the stock will eventually favor our trade. Unfortunately that seldom happens. We take a huge loss.

3. When it comes to taking a loss we take it at the worst possible time only to see the stock turning in our favor. However our money is gone.

4. When the trade is in our favor we take the profits quickly fearing the stock may reverse direction. Overall our profits are small and losses big.

5. We trade without any plan.

6. Worst mistake, after losing money we go to advisory services for tips. We pay them and lose more money trading their tips.

7. We then become fearful and stop trading altogether.

8. Our chances of making money from this beautiful world of stock markets is gone.

After losing money trading, I got fed up of stock markets and stopped trading. Then my broker told me about F&O (Futures & Options) trading. Thinking that I will recover my losses I started taking more leverage than I should have. I lost more money. 🙁

Then I thought in need help from the so called professional stock markets advisory service providing companies. I paid close to Rs.40,000/- to various tips providers. And they helped me to lose Rs.60,000 more trading their tips on SMS. Heck I got fed up.

Long story short I lost a total of more than 7 lakhs till 2010. Add interest to that and we are talking about a losses of around 10-12 lakhs.

But those losses made me think this: “if I lost money than someone made it”. Why it is that I lost and he won? Then I understood that the difference was knowledge. I decided to get some knowledge in this business and try again.

For six months I did not trade and only studied about options trading. Did a lot of study, researched option trading, strategies and behavior and did some paper trading.

While researching I also came in contact with a options market maker in CBOE – Chicago Board Options Exchange, and he told me a lot of things that people rarely know about options. I became confident after talking with him.

Mid 2011 I started trading again, this time fully armed with knowledge. Since then I have never looked back.

If you are really interested to know my full story of trading you can read it here.

Why Options?

Futures are highly leveraged directional trades. It means your account can take a huge hit if your prediction is wrong. Can you really predict tomorrow Nifty will be up or down? At least I cannot. I was totally again huge risk, so diverted all my attention to options.

Options are interesting as they give you the limited leverage. If you buy one option, you can sell another to reduce the amount at risk etc. If the trade goes wrong you have many choices to adjust the trades.

With Futures there is nothing. You just have to take a loss. Even if you have to hedge futures you have to do it through options.

As you already know I offer a course on options trading. One of my visitors asked me a valid question: why am I offering this service, is this for additional income?

Here was my answer:

Three reasons:

1. I feel bad when people lose money trading options. I was one of them. Then learned about it and turned it around. Unfortunately people don’t want to learn, so lose money trading. I would love to teach them and see their money growing. There is nothing wrong in showing someone the right direction.

2. If I offer it for free my life would get hell. Every visitor will talk to me. I get hundreds of visitors everyday. I have to screen those who are interested to those who are not and the only way to do this is to ask them to pay.

3. Yes in this tough world any extra income is good. Moreover in the evenings I am free and rather use that time constructively.

Frankly I feel very happy talking to my clients. Not only I teach them how to trade options successfully but I am sure they will pass this information to their kids and when they grow up, they will tell it to their kids.

Options world are not going to change ever. Its an evergreen market.

If you are reading this and trade options I request you to take some course, study about them, know everything about them and then trade. If you do not want to take the course from me that is OK, but for your family’s sake and for your hard-earned money’s sake, please educate yourself about options before trading. Else I guarantee you that you will lose money.

I have learned this the hard way and I don’t want you to lose as much as I have lost.

Here is a small disclaimer:

TheOptionCourse.com was born on 24th of May, 2013. I started this website to teach people how to trade options. I share a lot of information on trading the stock markets especially options in this website. You are free to try those trades. But it is your money at risk so please trade small and take it from there. Moreover please do your own research before you take any financial investment decisions based on what I have written in this website. My goal is to help you take a better trading decision.

Thank you for visiting the site.

TheOptionCourse.com © Copyright Since 2013 ® All Rights Reserved

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COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT: Any act of copying, reproducing or distributing any content in the site or newsletters, whether wholly or in part, for any purpose without my permission is strictly prohibited and shall be deemed to be copyright infringement.

INCOME DISCLAIMER: Any references in this site of income made by the traders are given to me by them either through Email or WhatsApp as a Thank You message. However, every trade depends on the trader and his level of risk-taking capability, knowledge and experience. Moreover, stock market investments and trading are subject to market risks. Therefore there is no guarantee that everyone will achieve the same or similar results. My aim is to make you a better & disciplined trader with the stock trading and investing education and strategies you get from this website.

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT an Investment Adviser (IA). I am an Authorized Person (AP) of a Stock Broker. I do not give tips or advisory services by SMS, Email, WhatsApp or any other forms of social media. I strictly adhere to the laws of my country. I only offer education for free on finance, risk management & investments in stock markets through the articles on this website. You must consult an authorized Investment Adviser (IA) or do thorough research before investing in any stock or derivative using any strategy given on this website. I am not responsible for any investment decision you take after reading an article on this website. Click here to read the disclaimer in full.

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