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Warren Buffet Investing Style

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This week I finished reading a book written by Robert G. Hagstrom about Warren Buffett – the best investor in world entitled “The Warren Buffett Portfolio.”.

This book is different than what I have read on Warren Buffett in other books.

Here I would like to point out some very important highlights of the book.

Stock Is a Business

Before you buy a stock you must think whether you want to be a part owner of that business? If you are not comfortable being its owner then do not buy that stock.

Think Long Term

If you want to start a business, do you want to keep making money for the short term or long term? Of course you will plan for the long term. Same should be the case if you want to buy a stock for investing not trading.

Note that stock investing is not the same as stock trading.

Stock trading is buy and selling a stock for intraday, few days or few months. Stock investment is holding a stock for at least about a year. Though Warren Buffett average holding period is more than 5 years.

Increase Your Investment Size and Do Not Diversify

Warren Buffett did not believe in too much diversification neither keeping all eggs in one basket. He did thorough research and invest a lot of money in a stock for a long timeframe. Warren Buffett did not invest in mutual funds also as he was against too much diversification. His exact number of stock holding is unknown.
However if you are not as good investors as Warren Buffett, it is advisable to invest in mutual funds.

Reduce Turnover

Warren Buffett believed not to churn in and out of stocks frequently to avoid paying taxes on gains made. In India long term capital gains are not taxed. For that one needs to hold the stock for at least one year. Warren Buffett that taxes will reduce the profits coming out of the stock investments.

In India long term profits are not taxed because the company has already paid their taxes. The profits you get after selling the stocks after one year is after paying the taxes by the owners of the company. Since the taxes has already paid there is no need to pay taxes again. However short term profits (less than one year holding) are taxed.

Ignore What Experts Say

Warren Buffett rarely listened to experts forecast on future of a stock price long or short term. He focussed on fundamentals of a company. If believed that if a company is good at fundamentals the stocks will price in that in future.

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