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GST Bill Passed Biggest Tax And Markets Reforms to Follow

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In this post you will learn: GST Bill Passed and for sure biggest tax and markets reforms to follow. Read to know what you can trade now.

As said yesterday in my email (not updated in my website) there is a high chance that GST (Goods and Services Tax) Bill will be passed and is now passed yesterday by Rajya Sabha members with not even a single member of parliament voting against it. So now within months it will become a law. Since the GST bill is now passed biggest tax and markets reforms will follow.

People who know me well know that I am highly patient and not looking for or either believe in overnight or instant results. Whether it is trading or anything else. Those who believe in overnight or instant results are big losers especially in stock markets. So the effect of it will be seen in at least a couple of years from now, not tomorrow or 3-4 months later. A lot of feedback and improvements on the way will follow and then results will be seen even on the streets of India.

Remember the reforms done by PV Narasimha Rao and Manmohan Singh in the year 1991? What happened to stock markets did it zoomed the next day? No it took 2-3 years for markets to give exceptional returns. Why? Because you see markets move up only after traders and investors invest their money in it. If only 1 or 2% people invest a lot of money it will not move up 10% the next day. It depends on majority’s views.

For example today at the time of writing Indian bank is up by 13.88%, but Sensex (BSE) is up by only 0.26%. Does one or two stocks have any major impact on BSE? No. Same with the markets.

I think as the GST bill passing is a positive news, all investors and traders are waiting for the real impact which will take some time to come. Then they will start investing. But here comes the difference between great investors like Warren Buffett and other opportunity seeking traders. Investors like Warren Buffett will invest today, not wait for the markets to go up and then invest. By that time most retail traders would have already lost the opportunity to participate in the rally, so they rue their decision not to invest. While by that time investors like Warren Buffett would have already multiplied their wealth by multiple times and will think of selling and booking profits – while the greedy retail trader is willing to buy.

What happens then?

Yes you guessed it right. The intelligent traders made money and the greedy traders lose. And believe me this continues for ever – as there is no end to greedy traders looking to become rich overnight entering daily into markets.

Intelligent traders who have patience and knowledge are rare. These people make money and the rest lose.

This will continue forever. Which kind of trader you are? Answer yourself honestly.

So what you can do now?

Those who can afford to research good stocks that can benefit from the GST bill and buy these good stocks must start collecting these stocks in phases as you keep getting your salary every month. Choose at least 4-5 good stocks no more and invest the same amount in all without any bias.

Why? Because 2-3 out of these will perform very well, the rest may not. But overall results will be great.

Please do not ask me which stocks to buy as this involves a lot of research and time and there is no guarantee that the stocks that I choose for my portfolio will perform. I am not like other companies telling lies that look I am a genius trader and can help you get amazing results. I just say the truth, whether you enroll for my course or not its your choice but I cannot lie to take your money. But I am so happy to see the results of people who did my course. The real reason is there is strong logic behind my strategies no magic – just knowledge and hedging and it works.

I am just giving you the basic knowledge and very important knowledge of what you should do now as a great opportunity has come in Indian markets.

But the research work should be done by you as depending on anyone for everything is not good. The idea of opening this website and writing my views here is to give the correct knowledge to my subscribers and readers about the stock markets in general and Indian stock markets in particular. Some believe and some do not and there is nothing I can do, as believing in anyone is your choice. I am just doing my duty honestly and am happy about it.

So please I plead you to start hard work now, there is no easy way and short cut to success. Nobody including the best investor of our times – Warren Buffett became rich overnight. It took him 25 years to become the richest man on Earth. If you think you are better than Warren Buffett please try. But I do not think we will ever find a man like him.

At least follow his foot path of hard work, research, patience and risk management, I am sure you will start seeing success. Isn’t even small success better than losing money in stock markets?

What is your view in this? Please let me know in the comments section.


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