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First Day of Expiry Most Speculation Will Be Today

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Today (Friday, February 23, 2018) is the first day of Mar 2018 derivatives (F&O) expiry and I am sure you will start with a “new plan”. Most speculative traders start their speculative strategies today. So what is you plan? Buy which Call or which Put or sell which Call and which Put? May I know why are you doing this trade? If your answer is “I think so”, then sorry to say you are gambling, not trading.

How many times you have lost money because you took a trade based on “I think so?”.

You have only 34 days to be correct (Mar 18 expiry is on 28-Mar-2018) – but what if not? I know then you will try Apr 18 expiry, to recover the money lost in May 18 expiry.

How long will you keep doing this? Until you retire?

Almost everyday I keep getting calls from traders who have lost money. No not almost everyday – now its everyday.

Yesterday only someone called and said he lost 17 lakhs. 🙁 Here is one trader who lost 3 crores.

Its sad that out of greed people are wiling to lose money, but are not wiling to learn.

If you will not learn you will either speculate or take some useless tips paying them money or plain do frustrated revenge trades.


As an options teacher I can only tell you the truth and try to save your money but ultimately its your money, you are authorized to take a call.

Hoping for your trading success.

If you are busy and cannot monitor your trades every second then you can do my conservative option course. Its very easy to learn and trade.

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