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Double Your Money in 3 Months Is a Myth

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Recently I am getting a lot of emails from a certain stock tip providing company that says: “Double Your Money in 3 Months.”


I mean dude start with 1 lakh yourself and end up making more than 31 crores in 5 years. Why are you selling this service when you can become extremely rich in matter of years? Your subscription collection will be paltry in 5 years, compared to what you can make in few months.

That’s the difference between my course and tips providers. They prey on lazy trader’s dream to get rich fast without any work, which never gets fulfilled. How can Gods make a lazy fellow rich? Try to recall one name who made a lot of money from tips providers? You won’t find any, because they do not exist.

All rich people (except those who won a lottery) are highly qualified and have knowledge of what they are doing – jobs or business. Even if your father gifts you a business, he will first ensure that you join the company and come to the office like a regular and know the nitty-gritty of the company. This will ensure you get full knowledge of the business. You get to know the vendors, best rates to buy raw materials, best rates sell the finished product, employee structure, job delegation, government laws, day to day management etc before taking full responsibility of the company. If this process is not followed, it won’t take much time before their kids will destroy the business.

On the other hand tip providing is something like this: you become the manager of the company with zero knowledge of running the business, and someone will send you SMS on actions that needs to be taken. You blindly follow their tips and your company makes lakhs every month. How is that even possible?

Do you think a business can run where a son/daughter takes control of their father’s business without any experience and every time there is a problem, their father sends them an SMS and the problem is solved? Eventually the business will be doomed.

Stock markets are no different. You will not succeed if you do not know what you are doing. You will either depend on someone, or will speculate. Both are dangerous.

If you do not want to learn then I guarantee you will lose money. If you still think tips provider will make you money then read why they will not make any money for you.

When you pay a advisory service for tips, the first month you will make great money but the very next you lose it all and probably even more. Not only you will lose money but you will also not learn anything. And that’s the worst part. Lose money, lose time, buy stress and gain nothing in terms of knowledge.

I am sure those frustrated with the tip providing services must be agreeing to what I just said.

When I first paid a tip provider a few years back, I was very happy & excited. In fact I couldn’t sleep the whole night, because I thought in 24 hours I will be 5000 richer and this will happen 22 days in a month. And in 2 months I will kick my job good-bye. I paid Rs.4000 for getting equity intraday tip. At the end of the month I was minus 10000. πŸ™ This doesn’t even include brokerages.

I thought maybe they were bad, so I looked for another tip provider. This time I paid 5000 for stock option tips. I could never get their rates – NEVER. Either they just sent rates that retailers couldn’t trade, like say exactly when markets opens. Or they just send rates that did not exist. When I called them they asked me to try Futures. I paid them again. That month I lost close to a lakh on their tips.

Then a friend told me Nifty options intraday makes a lot of money. I Googled, paid someone with a great performance history. First month I doubled my money. So I increased the max risk to maximum I had in my account. In 2 months I lost more than 70,000.

Almost 5 lakhs I lost on my own speculations, and thanks to the tips providers I lost another 2 lakhs.

That was enough. I remember then I told to my self, I am not weak, if there is someone who can help me than that’s ME.

The next day I started reading. You know what,

“God Helps Those Who Help Themselves.”


I guarantee all those who are making a lot of money in stock markets have reached there by hard work and are not spoon fed by someone. They don’t depend on tips. They are least bothered by what experts saying. They know what they are doing and follow their plan. The belief is there because of knowledge.

This article will be worth if you understand that you are not weak. I am sure all of you are doing good in life, this itself shows that you have the ability to learn. Its just that you got a bit lazy and this is exactly these tips providers are looking for. They will make full use of your weakness. If you fall for them you will lose your hard earned money. Do not blame them, its you who wanted to make money without any work and lost. So blame yourself.

I do not promise anything that’s is not possible. Believe me I can lie by saying, “buy my course and make 10% a month and blah blah.” You know what, I can make a lot of money by doing that. But no, my integrity is more important than that money. I can earn a lot myself by hard work, I don’t need to lie to make money.

I charge a small fee so that you give value to the course. If you find Rs. 100 on road, you will spend it on some useless item. Anything for free doesn’t have value. And I also have to give you support for life. If I offer this for free, my life will become hell. Plus it eliminates lazy traders who just want tips. I too get a lot of emails for tips. I delete those emails or tell them to learn and not depend on someone else.

However the fact is if you are smart, you can make more than 2-3% a month, but you need knowledge even for that. That’s it – do not try to double your money every three month – that’s is where even Warren Buffet failed. How will you do that with some tip provider?

What you should do now

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Within one month you can start trading on your own. No need to depend on anyone once you are on your own.

If you have any question you can contact me.

You can read about me here and my trading mistakes here.

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About the author: I started trading stock markets since 2007. However my first 3 years were losses. Then I dedicated almost 1 year on studying, researching, paper trading options and learned a lot in that time. Since 2011 I am trading Nifty options profitably. Call me if you need any help trading options on 9051143004.

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  • Abhishek Patil

    I too have a Bad experience of Tips Provider They charged me 5000/- for Equity Intraday in Jun 2014. I ended up in loss of 7000 (as they have responded when a trade gone wrong + their SMS / call service was very slow they sent me tips fr Buy/ Sell when that price already Hitted ) + I stopped their service & traded on my speculation again I lost close to 13000 more upto Sep 14.
    Till now I have lost 20000, then somebody told to trade Options. I have traded that with profit of 7000 (naked) because Nifty in Bull run + Reading ur website.
    But I read each & every page if your website then I realised that naked option trading will lead me to Huge Loss.
    & Took your Course, Thanks to You Dilip Sir your really doing good work.
    & I also request the Visitors of this website Pls pls Do not take Stock/ Option tips service they Really can’t make money for you.

    • Thanks Abhishek for the nice comments. Yes its true, people realize only after they lose money to tips providers. The worst is they do not learn anything after the losses. Following blindly like a sheep will never yield results. And this happens all over the world, not just India. One of the best ways to make money from the stock markets is to learn, learn and learn as much as you can. If you know what you are doing and take calculated risks you will surely make money over the long term.

  • shaikshvali

    this is real expirance those who are depend tips providerers

    • Yes Shaikshvali, only when people lose money to tips providers they understand.


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