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Do Not Believe In Guaranteed Profit Promises

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Look at this SMS I received today:

Do Not Believe In Guaranteed Profit SMS

Look at the hidden language – lets disseminate it:

1. Earn up to 3 Lakhs Weekly
2. Free Software
3. 100% Confirmed Calls

Which one do you believe is true?


Lets get deeper. Whose fault is it? No its not entirely his fault. More than 90% of traders still believe that there are some software that can generate calls or signals to buy and sell options/futures/equities.

But where is that software? Who made it? What’s his name?

You will not find it as there is none.

How can a software give signals when it does not have a brain?

Yes there are many trading software – but they only show what is happening in the trading world – they just show you some data based on which you can take trading decision.

Like some software can create candle sticks charts, some the closing bars, some can make a line over Moving Averages, etc. But this is just the data, not what to trade.

If a stock is trading over its 50 days moving average and if the software maker has fed it to generate a BUY signal when a stock moves over 50 days moving average then it will give a BUY signal – that DOES NOT in any way mean that the software knows that the stock will now move up.

As a trader even if a BUY signal is generated by a trading software then it is you who has to decide whether to follow the signal of the software or not?

But believing that a software giving a buy or sell signal is 100% confirmed or guaranteed call is a myth.

Do not believe that there is any software that can generate signals and give calls. If that was true everyone would have bought that software and become rich. No engineers, no doctors, no businessmen – there will be a world with only traders patiently waiting for signal every day, with a computer and a signal generating trading software. At 3.30 pm everyone is richer than the previous day. But hey then who loses? Some has to lose money for someone to make, right? If everyone will use software then there is no one to lose.

In that case the stock market will collapse. Because there will not be any traders on the other side. Means everyone gets a BUY signal but then if there are no sellers – a trade cannot take place.

If you are reading this I hope it’s clear that there is nothing as 100% confirmed signal generating trading software.

A software will generate a signal depending on how it was made. Its ultimately the person behind the software who is working – because he programmed the software. Whatever he/she has programmed the software will say exactly that.

So if the person who made the software can give guaranteed trading calls then the software is worth buying – but if that person cannot give guaranteed calls then the software is just another trash.

Next time such a SMS arrives in your mobile phone, just delete it.

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