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How To Trade Budget Month February 2016

Read to know how you can trade the budget month of February and March 2016. Vega (VIX) will increase so buying options may be profitable.

The Budget session of Parliament will commence from February 23, 2016 and the government will present the General Budget on February 29, 2016.

Expiry day is on February 25, 2016.

Many a times, stock market makers will postpone the February expiry date to the budget day to help traders make the most of the budget day. Unfortunately it only helps traders trade more and lose more. Not sure if they are going to do that again this year and I hope they don’t, but for now 25th is the expiry date. If they extend the expiry day, I will inform you.

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Here is some help for people who have taken my course and are trying to back test strategy 1 and strategy 2 of my course. He is a full time trader since the last 4 years. He has already done the job of back-testing my strategies for you.

If you cannot read the below testimonial please click on the image to enlarge and read. This will help people who trade Strategy 1 and Strategy 2 in huge number of lots:

Rahul Testimonial 30 Jan 2016

Testimonial – 30 January 2016 – Results may vary for users – Click on the image to enlarge and read

Here is the text of the email if you are seeing this post on mobile phone and for some reason cannot enlarge the image:

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Pros and Cons of Arbitrage Trading in Stock Markets

Please refer my last post on How To Trade When Volatility is High where in Section 4 I mentioned that you can try arbitrage trading as during high volatility, the Futures premium will swell giving great opportunities in arbitrage trading.

In a nutshell arbitrage trading is an opportunity where the trader tries to profit from the difference between prices of different trading instruments of the same underlying. The most popular of them all is to buy any stock in cash, and sell its Futures. Since Futures has a premium – this is the traders guaranteed profits on the expiry day. On the expiry day price of Futures and the stock will be same, hence giving guaranteed profits to the trader minus the brokerage and the taxes.

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How To Trade When Volatility VIX is High

India VIX is currently at around 20. 20 is considered high VIX, if not very high. It’s great time for option sellers – they get good premiums. But during these times there is going to be an issue. Budget 2016 is coming and this is big news for the markets. So its likely that VIX will not fall too much. Even if it does, it won’t go below 18.

In fact starting next month it will start rising until the budget day when it may fall 10%. I think day before budget it will be at 25 or more and will start falling from the budget day onward.

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How To Trade Stock Markets When Everyone is Selling

First a note for people who bought my course in January 2016.

After the mayhem in August 2015, we are in somewhat similar satiation in January 2016.

The point is every 6 months or so option sellers will have issues in managing positions.

INDIA VIX has shot through the roof and is currently at 20.75 up 12.59% since yesterday at 1 pm today. Nifty is down 1.52% at 7300.00 down 1.79%.

All this because of turmoil in China and Crude prices hitting 12 year low. We all know all this will phase out and again markets will get stable and start rising.

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Note: This in reference to my post on how one of my customers using the directional strategy in my course made an amazing 42.78% return in 5 trading days. This made him richer by Rs. 16.26 Lakhs on Rs. 38 Lakhs margin blocked, of course in 5 days. Note that your results may differ. For more information please read this post:

Customers First Trade Makes 4 Lakhs.

Once I posted his amazing trading results on my website, I started getting too many emails from my paid as well as free newsletter subscribers on how Ravi did it. So I sent him a list of few questions which he replied the next day.

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Customers First Trade Makes 4 Lakhs

First a Disclaimer: Not every trade can bring the same results but it really helps if you have the knowledge of hedging. Every trader’s results may vary so please do your own research before investing in stock markets. It was because of the hedge knowledge he got from the course that Mr. Ravindra took such a huge risk in his First Trade itself. He is a very experienced trader. It is highly recommended that you start small.

Last month a smart customer took my course and result of his first directional trade is stunning. Yes a 10.65% profit trading Intraday with hedging yesterday. And the best part is the trade was NOT a copy cat as written in the document – he bought Nifty Call Options instead of Nifty Futures buy. The calculated risk paid off. We will know shortly why he preferred to buy the Call Option instead buying a Nifty Future.

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One of my customers who took my course exactly 12 months back made my day on the first day of the year 2016. Of course this apart from hundreds of emails and WhatsApp messages from my subscribers wishing me and my family a very Happy New Year. By the way, how many owners of businesses/websites in the world can boast of HUNDREDS of customers/subscribers wishing them on Happy New Year and also on festivals? You may have also received many messages in new year form various companies or businesses, but how many of them you replied back? Not trying to show off, but just sharing happiness, to double my happiness. :)

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Happy New Year 2016

I work hard to provide real practical wisdom and correct knowledge in options to my dear retail traders, who are not very rich but want to get rich trough my website www.TheOptionCourse.com. I try my best to tell them you cannot get very rich very fast trading stock markets, but you can get very rich in a few years trading the stock markets. If I am unable to convince them, unfortunately markets convince them. Hope sense prevails and Your Year 2016 is filled with Lots of Happiness, Great Health and Sound Investments.

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Dec-2015 Expiry Day Please Close All Trades

Today is Dec-2015 Expiry Day Please Close All Trades – Note that all ITM (In The Money) Options and ALL Futures contracts for DEC-15 expiry SHOULD be CLOSED today before market closes for trading preferably before 3.15 pm.

If you do not close, your broker may close it at market rates anytime between 3.15 and 3.30 pm. And if they forget to close then you may have to accept rates given by NSE/BSE and it is NOT good to accept “whatever” rates thrown to you. It is always better to take risk off your hands and know the exact profit/loss made by you before markets closes.

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