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Axis Bank Looking Strong

INDIA VIX at 14.10 not much drop. Nifty also has not moved much.

Directional traders must have lost a lot of money, but since you are a non directional trader you must be in good profits. 🙂

Check your traders and book profits now. If entered Strategy 1, of my conservative options online course 10 days before. Profit should be more than 2%. This is good enough tension free trading and profits.

Axis Bank Looking Strong now you can do the Stock Option Strategy in Axis Bank Today as per the course.

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Learn options pricing difference between ask, bid, LTP, best sell and best buy and how they are traded.

Nothing can be traded without money and a price. Options are also traded the same way. To buy an Option one has to pay a price or it comes at a cost. The price is decided by the premium of the Option. In other words every Option has a premium or in simple words a price or cost on which it has to be traded or bought and sold.

The buyer pays this premium to the seller through a stock market exchange. In India NSE – National Stock Exchange of India Ltd., BSE Ltd. (Bombay Stock Exchange) and MCX – Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd. are the major stock trading markets known as Stock Exchanges.

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What is Open Interest in Option Trading

This article is on Open Interest in Option trading and will help you to know what may happen to Options with regards to Open Interest.

In short the total number of outstanding option contracts in the exchange market on a particular day is open interest in options.

Let us simplify this.

As we have read for a trade to happen there has to be a seller and a buyer of option otherwise a trade cannot happen.

Now let us suppose At The Money call option is 8700 CE and a lot of traders are looking to trade that.

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Option Trading Advanced Terms

Option Trading Advanced Terms – Today we will discuss some advanced option trading terms like what is an option buyer and an option seller and how they make profit and losses.

Any business can be done only when there is a seller and a buyer. Otherwise a business cannot be done. Same is the case with stock trading.

Option is a derivative contract on which business is done. So someone is a seller and some buyers.

In other business sellers make money while buyers get a product but will lose money. However in option trading both sellers and buyers can make money. But logic of the way business is done is applied here too. It is mostly the option sellers who make money not the option buyers. And if you properly hedge your traders the sellers can keep making money for life. My course 100+ testimonials is a proof that it is option sellers who keep making money. Since 2014 all my course subscribers are making money.

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Option Trading Basic Terms

In this article you will learn Option Trading Basic Terms like Call Option, Put Option, At The Money, In The Money. Out of The Money Options, CE, CA, PE and PA.

Call Option:

In your broker’s trading platform you will see this as CE. This means Call Option European-style settlement. In USA traders see it as CA. This is Call Option American-style settlement.


Traders buy CE or Call Option when they feel the stock will move up. Which Call Option is the best to buy? This is a vast topic. In short it is very dangerous to buy OTM (Out of The Money) Call Options as they do not increase in value fast. New traders with less money in trading account buy them and lose money. Experienced traders buy ATM (At The Money) Option or ITM (In The Money) Options but they also have risks.

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In this article read to know the important factors that determine Option Pricing.

I assume anyone who has directly landed in this page knows what an option is. If you do not know then in simple terms an Option is a derivative contract that give the holder the right, but not a compulsion to buy it back if sold or to sell it if bought when the Option expires on the Expiry day. Expiry day is usually last trading Thursday of the month in India. If Thursday is a holiday expiry happens on Wednesday. Of course one can buy an Option expiring in 2 months or more.

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Experts Thinking That Markets May Correct

Since morning today I have been reading in various online journals and I see that most experts are feeling that the markets right now are looking a bit stretched as they cannot break the barrier of 9000 and cross over it so it looks like it will fall.

Some say the fall might be around 10%. Frankly I read news just to see if there is some REAL NEWS in it. Not just what experts feel. Markets do not have any emotions – humans have but markets dot bother for human emotions.

So the reason that 9000 is not crossed for long does not fit into real practical news. There can be a fall but not because 9000 unable to break but could be for some other reason. But frankly 10% fall looks a bit far at least not this year until some real bad news hits in. In fact this strays true for ever.

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Option Chain And Myth In Stock Markets

Since there is absolutely no movement in Nifty since the India-Pakistan tensions I am sure all directional traders by now must have lost much more than they made when they bought calls and puts on that day.

This is the life of directional traders. They seldom make money but do not let their ego die and still are willing to lose money trading the direction.

Whereas the non-directional traders rarely lose money and even if they do, if the trades are properly hedged the losses gets limited which does not affect their pockets. They are happy and move on.

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RBI Cuts Repo Rate By 25 Basis Points

First Tips For My Paid Subscribers: [This is hidden for free subscribers and website visitors. If you want to get my advice please enroll for the conservative option course.]

As written in my yesterday’s email RBI (Reserve Bank of India) did not change much the Repo Rate – just cut the repo rate by 0.25 per cent on Tuesday, while keeping the Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR) unchanged.

Nifty down by just 0.25%, like yesterday it was up by 0.25%.

Like I said even if RBI cuts the Repo Rate by 25 basis points which is 0.25% there will not be much movement or impact in the Indian Markets. The same happened.

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As I said in my yesterday’s email there will not be much movement in Indian Markets – Nifty or the Bombay Stock Exchange.

Both are just 0.25% up than yesterday’s close. This is not a significant move.

Today the RBI (Reserve Bank of India) will announce its monetary policy at 2.30 pm India time. This is unlike earlier times when they announced at 11.00 am India time.

Another difference is earlier the rate hike call was taken by only the RBI Governor. But from now onward it will be taken by the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) headed by RBI Governor. Right now RBI Governor is Mr. Urjit Patel. Whatever the Committee decides Mr. Urjit Patel will announce exactly that.

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