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Please Teach Me To Make Rs.2000 Daily Trading Intraday

The most questions on “Ask Me Anything” was on Intraday Trading or Day Trading. Something on these lines like – “How can I make Rs.2000-3000 everyday from 1 Lakh in my trading account”. Some even wanted to make that money everyday from Rs.10,000 in their account. :)

This converts to 2-3% everyday. Now for the time being forget stock markets. Think about any business that makes 2-3% everyday or a 100% return every quarter? Does any business comes to your mind? No, Nada, Nothing. There is no business that can generate that kind of returns. If there was some business like that – all other businesses would simply not exist.

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Will Nifty Break 7700 Highest Open Interest

Nifty has continued its downfall. Some people have reported stop loss in strategy 1. In that case there is no point in waiting and hoping for a recovery. See the document – if according to rule you have to go to strategy 2 then go. Stick to discipline.

If the loss is less around 10 points only – there is no need to go to strategy 2 – just close your current strategy 1 and get into a more comfortable position.

Some people are telling me that OI (open interest) is most in the 7700 Puts.

You can see OI (open interest) here:
After reaching there click on “By Contracts”.

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Muhurat Trading Tip & Happy Diwali 2015

Today on Diwali day the stock markets will open only for Muhurat Trading.

These are the timings:

5.30 pm to 6.45 pm – Equity & F&O (NSE, BSE, MCX-SX)
5.45 pm to 7.45 pm – Commodity (MCX)

Intraday positions will get automatically squared up around 6.30 pm.

Why You Should Not Trade on Muhurat Trading

My sincere advice is please do not trade on Muhurat Trading. You have just one hour and at least Intraday it does not makes sense. Plus people celebrating the occasion have a lot of things lined up for the evening – Lighting Diyas, Laxmi Puja and Burning Crackers. And of course lovely food. 😛 Obviously your minds will be there and you will not be able to trade peacefully.

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INDIA VIX Dropped Book Profits

This email was sent to my subscribers on NOVEMBER 9, 2015. If you want to receive such newsletters please subscribe at the bottom of this page.

Please refer my email dated NOVEMBER 2, 2015 titled: Bihar Election What To Trade. You can read it here.

With respect to the Bihar elections I kept sending newsletters as a reminder to help my paid subscribers book profits.

This email was sent on NOVEMBER 6, 2015:

Sorry for sending this email late. Was really busy. :(

Looks like VIX has started to fall because exit poll results are out. Its 19.28 now.

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How To Be A Smart Trader

People who are smart traders will always keep making money irrespective of what happens to the markets.

After almost 1 year of offering the option course, I have found that some of my customers are smarter than me. I have no problems admitting that. This in fact is quite natural. Students doing better than their teachers is very normal. One reason could be my conservative nature that you can see in the below chat as well. :) After suffering huge losses initially I do not want to take any more chances.

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Bihar Election What To Trade

Note: Update to Bihar elections results and profit booking is here:


Bihar elections are going on. This may impact the options volatility and we can benefit from it.

At today’s close INDIA VIX is 19.48 up by 1.60, or 8.95% up from previous close.

You can see it here:


I assume this will increase till this Friday, 6th of November, 2015. I think will go up to 21 or 22 and then fall. Since counting is on Sunday, 8th of November, 2015 – VIX will fall drastically on Monday by the time results are out. From Monday it will keep falling until it stabilizes to 16-17 levels.

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8 Reasons Why You Should Not Invest In An IPO

For retails investors its better to avoid IPOs forever. When there are thousands of great companies to choose from why invest your money in an IPO?

Let me start with this – after the losses in the DLF IPO and the SHIPPING CORPORATION OF INDIA Ltd. IPO – I was done with IPOs. I mean I took a permanent decision NEVER to invest in an IPO. And that stands even today.

There are a lots of reasons why you should not invest in an IPO.

I have listed 8 reasons why you should not invest in an IPO.

1. Premium Just Too High: The company may be doing great (just like DLF) so they will price in the cost as premium in the IPO. Poor investors pays the premium to participate in IPO only to realize that the information they got from the company was fabricated. Read this to know SEBI penalized DLF for hiding information in their offer letter of IPO.

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Buy Axis Bank Trade the Directional Strategy

Axis bank is now looking attractive. 484 is really good. I assume it should give a 10% return soon.

If you have taken my course:

Go for directional strategy for next month. Go for Future buy. The rest you know – it cannot be revealed here as this newsletter goes to all paid as well as non-paid members.

If Future is in profit great – we make money. If not then the options will make. Here is the asset quality news:

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Part of newsletter sent to my subscribers today. If you want to receive such newsletters please subscribe your email. Form is available just below this article. Thanks.

Currently I am writing an article on why you should not invest in an IPO. However its taking longer time than expected.

In view of the upcoming IndiGo’s parent “InterGlobe Aviation” IPO – I had to send this email in a hurry.

Please DO NOT subscribe to this IPO.

DO NOT Buy IndiGo IPO as the company recently paid huge dividends to its owners just before IPO – it is not a good sign.

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Booked Profit in Mutual Funds

Hope you remember I trade mutual funds as well. Trading mutual funds is very easy way to make money. You just need to decide how much money you need to allocate from which fund to which fund. And when time comes, book your profits.

You should know that there are two types of funds – equity and debt. Well there are more types of funds, but to know what I do, you just need to know these two type of funds.

Now read this article on how to trade mutual funds written on September 8, 2015. At that time Nifty was down by about 8-9% from its recent high of 8500. It was trading at around 7550 levels. I saw a great opportunity and traded my mutual fund. And also wrote an email to inform you about the trade I took.

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