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Please read to know why it is nearly impossible to make 10% a month from stock markets or options and futures trading.

Most people on this Earth when told about the stock markets think that 10% a month is achievable. And once their demat share trading account is opened they try that and keep losing money.

Let’s not go very far. In 2007 when I was introduced to stock markets by my friends I also thought the same. That 7 Lakhs loss is due to the greed to make 10% a month. Reality is I lost almost 7-8% a month.

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I hope you know my website TheOptionCourse.com has a FaceBook page where anyone can like it. Here is the FaceBook page link:

And here is today’s post:

Today morning I got a great good news when I saw my website’s FaceBook page.


Here it is:

1000+ FaceBook Likes

1000+ FaceBook Likes

If you do not know I started reading about Stock Market Trading, Mutual Funds, Personal Finance Management and Options and Futures Trading from 2010, after losing Rs.7 lakhs+ trading Stocks Equity Intraday, Options and Futures and when I was on the verge of suicide and highly depressed.

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Stock markets do not move in a single direction when traders are confused.

Since last few days Nifty is moving between 8000 to 8200. The fight between bulls and bears is continuing and those sitting on the sidelines do not know which side to support. They are still struggling with so called bookish knowledge like Bollinger Bands, Candle Sticks Charts, Open Interests, or any other Technical Analysis or Trend analysis software tools which they have bought for millions of dollars thinking to become millionaires. Which has actually made them poorer.

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Yesterday (30-November-2016), again FIIs (Foreign Institutional Investors) were net sellers of Rs.434.42 crores whereas DIIs (Domestic Institutional Investors) were net buyers of Rs.676.68 crores in Indian cash equity market.

Refer my post on Diversify Your Risk By Investing In Mutual Funds. I had said that in the medium term it is the decision of DIIs (Domestic Institutional Investors) which performs better than the FIIs (Foreign Institutional Investors). I think the reason is pretty simple.

Who knows better about financial conditions of India? An Indian or a Foreigner? Of course an Indian, so in the long term it is the DIIs (Domestic Institutional Investors) whose portfolio performs better than the FIIs (Foreign Institutional Investors).

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Diversify Your Risk By Investing In Mutual Funds

Yesterday FIIs were net sellers of Rs.715.30 crores and DIIs were net buyers of Rs.534.20 crores in cash market for last trading session.

I read this everyday and after medium term I see that most of the times it is DIIs who win and FIIs lose. So for me personally I track what DIIs do and where they invest. This sets the actual trend of Indian markets for the medium term.

When it comes to medium term trading I trade mutual funds large caps or Index funds which nearly tracks Nifty and since the last 2 years my portfolio has been doing pretty well.

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What is CRR Cash Reserve Ratio And Its Importance

In this article you will learn:

What is CRR Cash Reserve Ratio And Its Importance What may happen to banks after the RBI Introduced Incremental CRR Of 100 Per Cent.

CRR is Cash Reserve Ratio. CRR is the percentage of money the banks have to keep with Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

Let me take an example. See the image below:

What is CRR Cash Reserve Ratio

What is CRR Cash Reserve Ratio

In the above image, the CRR is 6%. A man deposits Rs. 1000 in his bank. Since CRR is 6% and 6% of 1000 is Rs.60/-, the bank has to keep Rs.60/- with RBI and is left with only 1000-60 = Rs.940/- to be given as loans and make money.

What is the CRR as On 28-Nov-2016?< /H2>

The CRR is 4% NOT 6% as mentioned in the image. It is just given as an example. So right now if Rs.1000 is deposited banks have to give RBI Rs.40/- as CRR.

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Learn if managing or adjusting a trade can turn a loss making trade into profits.

In short the answer is yes and no. But technically speaking answer is NO.

First of all why I am writing on this topic. Refer my yesterdays post. I got at least four inquiries asking me why they should do my course when the strategies are not 100% guaranteed?

I was a bit surprised. All these four people were highly educated – as the way they were speaking fluent English I guess they were well educated.

In general this is what I answered:

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Read to know how hedging your Option and Future traders can help protect your capital.

Note: Expiry Day Today For November 2016 Options and Futures. Please Close All In The Money Options and Futures of Current Month. Today is expiry day for all options and futures expiring on 24-Nov-2016. Please make sure to close ALL Options and Futures trades.

All Options expiring today, whether Buy or Sell, if In the Money (ITM) by 3.15 pm please close them at the best rate possible.
You may or may not close Options that are Out of The Money (OTM), buy or sell. You can let them expire worthless. This will save you brokerages and STT (taxes) involved. Since they will expire worthless they will be ZERO so no need to close. If you do not, you will save money.

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During A Huge Fall Mid-Cap Companies Perform Better

Read this article to know during a huge fall mid-cap companies perform better.

I did some research today to find out what kind of companies will perform better in a rally if it comes after a huge downfall.

Here is what I found out.

Please have a look at the two images below taken on 22-Nov-2016 (Tuesday) at approx 1.10 pm to do a detailed research on what companies will participate most in a rally.

Here is image of last 30 days best performing companies on 22-Nov-2016 (Tuesday) from list of ALL stocks that are traded in NSE (National Stock Exchange):

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Why Markets are Taking Time To Recover

You see markets are struggling to recover. The reason is pretty simple.

Traders are still confused. One is the Donald Trump win, and, the Second is the demonetization of the 500 and 1000 notes.

Some media people say, people supporting but economy crumbling as retail shopping is getting sluggish sales, and some media people say, people not supporting but over the long term economy will get a boost. It is matter of just a few months of inconvenience.

Fact is media is media and reality is reality. Fact is traders are currently uncertain about the future and when traders are confused markets usually falls.

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