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Find A Stock Like WIPRO or ITC

Yesterday someone gave me a call from the US after reading this article on my site – how to make crores from the stock markets.

He wanted me to find out super stocks that will perform like WIPRO in 30 years. :) He wanted to invest 10,000 now in 6-7 stocks and wanted me to find these stocks. You can imagine he wanted to invest only 10,000, so what kind of paycheck he was looking to offer me. :)

Really? Dude I am not GOD that I can predict what will happen in next 35 years.

Hell even WIPRO owner Azim Premji did not know his company’s stock will create such huge wealth for its share holders in 35 years time. How can anyone else know?

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About Brokers and Discount Brokers India

If you have a large trading account and fear that your broker will run away with your money or do trading on your account without your knowledge then you need not fear. The rules by SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India) are so strict that the brokers actually fear trading without your permission in your account. The rules governing management of money in brokers account are even stricter.

According to a recent rule any money that is not used in a Demat account needs to be returned to the client. Earlier if you remember the brokers used to keep the money in your trading account. You could have used that money any time you want or leave it idle. But now rules have changed. The money that is not blocked or used for a certain time needs to be returned to the client’s bank account. This is to ensure in case you had left a lot of money with your broker and God-forbid some thing happens to you, all the money that is unused will be refunded.

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Can You Hedge Nifty Future With Nifty BeES

One of my regular blog readers in USA asked a great question in the article hedging vs stop loss which is better: In simple language he asked if one can buy an Index Future and hedge it with buying Puts in its ETF?

In India that question converts to if you can buy Nifty Future and hedge it with buying put of any electronic trading fund that mimics Nifty like Nifty BeES.

Unfortunately we don’t have options trading on ETFs here in India. Even if it was done it does not make sense to hedge Nifty Future with and option of a Fund.

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Hedging vs Stop Loss Which is Better

In my last article how to control greed as a trader, I had written two plans to make sure any speculation you do in your trades is properly managed by a trading plan so that one big loss does not wipe your entire account.

For traders restricting losses is very important. Only those who expertise in managing losses end up making money.

See I am not giving emphasis on profits. What I am actually giving emphasis is on restricting losses through a proper risk management plan. Once that is in place the profits will come.

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How To Control Greed As A Trader

In this article you will learn how you to control greed while trading. Your biggest enemy as a stock trader is nobody else but your own greed and fear. Today lets learn to control greed.

In one of my recent articles http://www.theoptioncourse.com/making-use-of-vix-volatility/ I got an interesting comment from one of my regular website visitor Mr. G Allen. I quote his question with minor editions:

Keep such timely articles coming – it only adds to the strength of the trades that we take as per what has been taught in your options course.

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Stock Trading Mistakes To Avoid

On Friday, 10th of July, 2015 I received an interesting email from one of first time visitor’s to my site. I get a lot of emails everyday of stories of mistakes done while trading, but this one stands out as this person kept on repeating his mistakes in an act of revenge to get back his lost money from the stock markets. Too see the end result you will have to read his investing and trading story. In the end I have something to say. Please read that as well. I have also added my observations in between in round brackets to make it an interesting read.

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One of the Best Testimonials

Yesterday I got one of the best testimonials of my course. More testimonials here.

I want to share with you:

From: Deepak P
Sent: Thursday, July 09, 2015 3:09 PM
To: Dilip Shaw
Subject: Update on Course

Hi Dilip,

I have executed Strategy 1, 3 times after taking your course in May. It has worked all the time.

At times, it was bit boring to just watch the market without doing anything. :-) But, it worked eventually all the times.

Just wanted to say thank you for that wonderful course.

With Best Regards,
Deepak P

(Name edited and email deleted to hide identity – Results may vary for users)

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Long Strangle Book Your Profits

Note: Before reading this article please read Greek Referendum Trading Tip Inside to better understand when we initiated this trade and how we are booking profits now.

The movement we wanted has come. It may not be because of the Greek crises but because of the China market crash. We are least bothered. We wanted a strong move and increase in VIX and we got it. A 1.75% increase in one day movement should make the long strangle profitable. It is just 5 days old, so not much premium is lost. VIX increased by 9.07% and closed at 17.79. Increase in VIX will make the long strangle profitable.

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Greek Referendum Trading Tip Inside

I hope you know that there is a referendum (voting) in Greece this Sunday 5th of July 2015, on whether they want to remain in Euro or exit. If the country rejects the bailout then Greece becomes a defaulter and may have to exit the Euro. If accepts then it gets more into debt.

Both are bad for their economy.

However we cannot control Greece or whatever is happening there. What we can control is our trades.

So lets wait for the outcome and take our trades.

What Can You Trade?

Monday morning it will be clear what will happen to Greece and of course Nifty will also react to the news. If traders think its bad news, Nifty will fall and if they think its good, Nifty may rise. Both good for us. :)

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Making Use of VIX Volatility

Refer my post and email dated June 29, 2015 – Greece Crisis What Should You Trade.

On that day I told you that VIX has increased considerably and it is a great time to sell out of the money options and also hedge them by buying options. People who had done that may be in good profits now.

The VIX has come considerably down and its hovering near 15.41. From 18.18 to 15.41 in 3 days. This is a drop of 15.25%. Excellent for sellers. Both the calls and puts option premiums would have shrunken and the trade can be taken off. As the small profit wherever that may be has been achieved there is no need to stay in the trade.

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