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When Traders Are Confused Stock Markets Trade Range Bound

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Stock markets do not move in a single direction when traders are confused.

Since last few days Nifty is moving between 8000 to 8200. The fight between bulls and bears is continuing and those sitting on the sidelines do not know which side to support. They are still struggling with so called bookish knowledge like Bollinger Bands, Candle Sticks Charts, Open Interests, or any other Technical Analysis or Trend analysis software tools which they have bought for millions of dollars thinking to become millionaires. Which has actually made them poorer.

It has been more than 2 and half years that I got an opportunity to talk with a lot of traders in India and abroad. Thanks to my website. Not all of them bought my course, but that is not important.

What is important is what I learned from them. At least 30% of them were Technical Analyst. Not a single, I repeat not a single out of those thousand odd calls from technical analysts were making money. All of them were big time losers. Some in fact got my course and are doing good now.

Ravi of course is one of them. He was losing heavily before doing my course. Today he is doing great. I am happy for him. It does not matter I got peanuts paid for the course which made him a millionaire. I am happy if anyone who does my course is happy. How much they are making does not inspire me. What inspires me is just a “Thank You” Message.

Why? Assume Mr. A has a business and is doing well. But not a single customer comes to him or calls him to say Thank You.

Just nearby there is another business done by Mr. B. He is also doing good but not as good as Mr. A. But every now and then Mr. B keep getting calls and Thank You messages from his customers. Mr. A does not get even one in a year.

At the end of the day who is more happy? Mr. A or Mr. B? Of course Mr. B. Exactly. I hope you got the point.

It does not matter to me how much my competitors are making money out of a course or giving tips (which I am totally against) and/or whatever. I am more happy when I get a Thank You message from my customers which rarely anyone else in this business is getting. This makes me happy and proud.

Money can only buy luxury and happiness connected to luxuries. Money cannot buy happiness coming from true relationships, love and affection. God is very clever and not given this power to money.

I carve to be happy which money cannot buy. So that love for too much money is not there in me.

Anyway coming back. This is what I concluded after talking with thousands of traders:

Technical Analysis is history made in beautiful graphs or charts detailing what has happened in the past. Technical Analysis is not science or astrology which can predict the future of what will (not may) happen in the future.

If Technical Analysis could predict the future all those traders who were Technical Analyst or did a course on TA, would have been making money. But the success ratio was zero percent.

I do not want to and cannot name due to customer’s legal obligation as I do not disclose their full names, one very big Technical Analyst who has done more than 500+ Television shows in India and abroad has also done my course and is very happy with it.

I will keep saying what I believe in and will keep happening in future. Sooner or later it will be bulls who will win and all those bears will turn to bulls, but after losing a lot of money.

If you have not done my course I request do not trade now. Just sit on the sidelines and watch the markets.

All those expert TA’s must have got yesterday a buy signal by there software or by their own analysis – but they must have lost huge today. I request please do not trade. Most of you are naked option buyers, let me tell you its is a dangerous game to play.

VIX is very high today and even if your direction is correct but if VIX falls, you may lose money or make a very small profit which will not be justified.

If your direction is wrong you will lose money anyway.

Right now for people who have not done my course please relax, do not trade.

If you have done my course check your email, I have written there which strategy to trade.

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