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What Others Charge

This is one testimonial which speaks some facts – not just about my course but also about other courses and their charges and the difference about my course and others. This is the reason I have kept this in a separate testimonial page.

Read this testimonial by Nishit to know the facts:

Testimonial by Nishit – March 2018

Testimonial by Nishit – March 2018

Testimonial by Nishit – March 2018

Here is the text if you can’t read on your mobile:

Nishit’s email 1:
Dear Dilip Sir,

Sir The strategies given by you are excellent. I have already started making profits. Thank you for such wonderful work. I think you have given me a whole new direction in my life and that must be the case with many others.

People who are thinking about taking this course, I must say don’t think twice before taking this course, coz the others are charging 30000-50000 for the same course.

[My Note which is not there in email: Course is never the same everywhere. What you learn is more important than how it is thought – like Videos, interactive classroom coaching etc. More important than medium is WHAT YOU LEARN IN THE COURSE. Your focus should be on what you will learn and whether you will be able to apply them practically in the stock markets to make money for life NOT how the course is thought.]

And it is not only about money, but its also about the service given by dilip sir. He promptly replies to the calls, messages or mail. I don’t think there’s anyone out there giving such service.

So thank you once again dilip sir. You are making a huge difference in the people’s life.

Thank you once again.

Thanks & Regards


My Reply:
Thanks Nishit. Once someone pays me I become his teacher/mentor. Then I feel its my job to help him/her. And I like to be in touch with my students. Thanks again for the testimonial. Hope you keep making money trading options for life.


Nishit’s email 2:

My pleasure sir, And yes sir u r my forever mentor in for the trading in f&o nd share market as a whole.

Thank u once again.

My Reply:

Thanks Nishit.. Its a long journey.. but don’t worry I am there for help.
This one is sad and true
>> others are charging 30000-50000 for the same course
and you know what, once the class is over they never pick up the phone… 🙁
This I am told by many people who call me to know about the course.
but I like to help traders, else why should I be paid?


Nishit’s email 3:

Cant agree more sir. In fact i was about to buy one of those courses nd i dont know how i came across ur course. I was just surfing nd trying to find better course nd found u. Nd testimonials on ur site made all the difference.

And i guess its ur honesty that made the difference also. Others say that there will never be a loss. And ur course talks practicality. There might be instances where there can be adjustment. Nd success rate in trades is 80-90% which is actually the reality.


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