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Long Combined With Short Term Investment & Ocean Wave Profit Booking Strategy

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In the year 2020, it was COVID-19 and then some recovery and now Ukraine War. Things are bad for business and stock markets. But you must learn to be patient and not to panic.

If you hold stocks just do not panic. Quality stocks will recover but the shady companies will vanish. If you invest money in unknown companies like Tantia Constructions (Group Z) which gained 4.97% on Friday, 27-May-2022 you are likely to lose all. Never invest in companies that are either unknown or whose businesses you cannot understand.

See how the graph of its trading looks silly and illiquid:

Tantia Constructions by the way was randomly taken from the list of trading companies in BSE. The volume of shares last traded in this company on 27-May-2022 was just 13,213. This is not listed in NSE. For a manipulator with huge cash, these kinds of companies are their target. Wait this is not even illegal. They can push the price up or down and benefit. It’s called Flash Crash.

  • Flash crashes are when there is a sudden plunge in prices of stocks, commodities, and bonds followed by a quick recovery
  • Some causes of flash crashes include the use of algorithm trading which can increase volatility and decrease liquidity
  • It is difficult to pinpoint exactly what causes flash crashes

You see, neither NSE nor BSE will crash – but these illiquid stocks do flash crash and recover which never comes in the news. Someone out there suffers and someone benefits.

So if you are thinking to make quick bucks from such kinds of stocks that suddenly jump and are low priced  – you will ultimately burn your fingers.

Just stay away from them.

You can do the same thing without fear by investing in fundamentally strong stocks. You can do this with a lot of capital without fear because you will be invested in top companies that are fundamentally strong and in demand by both retail traders and HNI investors.

I have an investing and trading course which is based on TOP NSE companies only. It is not investing and forgetting – some work is required to do this – to beat the return of the stock itself.

It’s called Long Term Investment & Ocean Wave Trading & Profit Booking Course!

After reading the course please start taking action immediately. Initially, you will not see any difference. But remember that बूंद बूंद से घड़ा भरता है  (A little goes a long way). Within 6 months you will see the difference. The earlier you start the better.

Here is the Snapshot of the Course Content:

•    List of 21 stocks that you must own for your entire life
•    An explanation of why I chose these stocks – what were the criteria etc.
•    A detailed explanation of how to invest in each stock
•    How much to invest as per your income (optional)
•    How to maintain a tab on these stocks
•    An approach to investing
•    How to start investing in these stocks
•    The Ocean Wave Profit Booking System – (Swing Trading Explained – This is the MOST important chapter)

…And a lot more on how to increase your investments.

You may do the same logic in your current investments as well.

Here is the link to pay – the fee is 5000:

Details of Long Term Ocean Wave Logic Swing Trading Course: 

I have made a list of 21 fundamentally strong stocks that you have to invest in on the first day of equal amounts in each. The levels of the stocks do not matter – they are just numbers.

Part A) Before reading further – even if you do nothing with these stocks – invest and forget a.k.a Warren Buffet style of investing – you will still makeover 12-15% per annum. To make this kind of return you will have to do a systematic investment of equal amounts in these stocks per month for the next six months to catch the cycle of ups and downs (averaging out) and keep this investment as your retirement financial plan.

In 20 years you will make over 80 Lakhs on an investment of 5 lakhs and some work for six months – compounded at 15% per year.

But wait there is more.

Part B) Stocks move like an ocean wave – up and down. You do not know the next move, but you can take benefit of this movement and make 5% more return every year. Which means:

In 20 years you will make over 1 crore 91 Lakhs on an investment of 5 lakhs and some work for the entire invested period  – compounded at 20% per year.

Please note that to achieve 20% returns you will have to act once or twice a week as per the strategy written in the document I will send you after payment.

Since these stocks are fundamentally very strong there are next to nil chances of failure. The returns may be slightly more or less than what I have explained above – but you will still make a very good return.

On top of that once your investment becomes more than 2 lakhs you can hedge the stocks with options and make extra monthly income. I have not taken into account the returns you will make every month from selling options.

After payment, I will send you 2 emails. One will contain the strategy on which you have to act immediately and another will have an excel sheet to maintain your investment records.

You have seen my website and I hope by now you must have understood my knowledge level.

After reading the course materials if you have any doubts you can just WhatsApp me.

Here is the link to pay: 

You may do the same logic in your current investments as well. 

Just pay – do not think twice. This is one course that will help you enjoy small profits on an almost daily basis. You will regret Saturdays and Sundays.  🙂

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