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Learn How To Trade Mutual Funds

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If you are new to stock market trading, just opened a demat & trading account then you must be confused how to start investing or trading. Investing is buying stocks for short or long term paying the full margin, and trading is trading equity intraday or derivatives (options and futures) intraday or positional. Intraday is closing the trade the same day, also known as day trading, and positional is closing the trade the next day or any other day except the same day.

When you open a trading account do remember that you have entered into a business. Stock investing and trading is a business where there can be profits and losses. Profits or losses from investing can be short term (less than one year) or long term (one year or more than one year), however profits or losses from trading derivatives (futures & options) are short term only.

Right now you are at a stage where there can be huge losses if you speculate or take tips and start investing and/or trading. Most probably you will start with Intraday trading. More than 95% of Intraday traders and more than 99% of new traders lose money. I was also one of them. You can read about me here.

To help you start this new business in a positive note I have made a course for you. This is strictly a course for new comers in stock markets who do not know where to start investing or trading. Even experienced investors or traders can do this course but it will help the novice traders the most.

If you need to know more about this course contact me.

In Short: If you do the course you will learn a lot about financial management, how to select mutual funds and stocks for investments. PLUS I will give you name of 6 FUNDAMENTALLY STRONG STOCKS that you can hold for the long term to make very good returns from the stock markets, and at regular intervals I will also send you name of stocks that can perform well in the short time like 2-3 months for 1 year.

Before saying anything let me tell you in plain language THIS IS A MUST DO COURSE IF YOU ARE EARNING MONEY AND WANT TO INVEST IT WELL.

In this course you will learn how to chose and invest well in stocks, mutual funds and other financial products and retire peacefully with good wealth worth crores if done well, and not depend on your children for day to day living expenses. After all we earn money to live a good life in the present and life a financially independent life after retirement without working and still not worrying about money.

Basically you will learn everything I have learned about managing finances till now. I did a lot of mistake with my money and investments but I have made this course to help you avoid those mistakes and live a happy life without bothering much about managing your finances.

20% Return In Six Months - Your Results May Differ

20% Return In Six Months – Results may vary for users

Think about it how many people retire with a lot of money so they never worry about money ever? Very few. The reason is pretty simple they do not take correct investment decision today, therefore they keep worrying about money tomorrow too. Do not let this happen to you. Get this knowledge today to start the correct investing decision which will make you live a better tomorrow. Fees is Rs.3500/- for this course but the knowledge you get about stocks and mutual funds and other investments will change the way you invest and manage your money.

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Actually it did happen with me too a few years back. In 2010 my life was a mess, 100% of my savings gone and I was in 1 lakh loan to survive. Hope this never happens to anyone.

Knowledge Changed My Life

Luckily I learned a lot in the next few years, and now my life is much better. Thanks to the knowledge I gained. No software, no trend speculation of markets – so no speculative trading or investing, no useless tips, no whatsapp chatting or groups, no YouTube watching on free trading ideas (I still don’t), and no get rich quick trading – just pure simple investing in correct stocks and mutual funds and of course simple non-directional conservative trading has totally transformed my life.

In short I have changed a lot. Here is snapshot of the changes in my attitude towards stock markets. –

From 2007 to 2010:

  • I was an aggressive greedy trader, whether it was Intraday options or futures day trading or positional, and
  • I was an aggressive short term or Intraday equity day trader.

From 2011 onward:

  • I am now a very conservative non-directional trader. Frankly speaking now even 2% a month is a very good return for me, and
  • I am now a very simple long term value bas1ed investor whether its stocks or mutual funds.

Small Disclaimer: It is a fact that I have not lost money in a single stock I invested or mutual fund I invested since 2012, but stock market investments are subject to market risks so a lot of patience is required. Only those are eligible to do this course who are willing to show patience. Without patience it is not possible to make money in stock investing. If you are willing to be patient long term investor, do my course now. It will help you a lot.

As you can see, just in a few years my life has changed completely because I stuck to the rules of investing properly and trading properly.

If my life has changed I am sure with the same knowledge your life can change too. Of course you must have the will to change it.

Short Story How My Life Changed

I had no idea about correct financial investments, planning and trading when I started earning money at the age of 23. Let me tell you now that had I done correct investments in the correct path, it would have given amazing returns in a few years alone. Alas I had no knowledge then. πŸ™

In any case years later I realized my mistakes and started reading a lot and started investing in the correct avenues to reach my financials goals in time. Today I am relaxed and know that I have taken the correct path to reach my financial goals in time. In fact returns are better than the planning and time I had in mind. I know that when time will come like my kids school education (this already going on), their higher education (is my next goal) and their their marriage, I can take out whatever money I want from the desired places as planned and can do my responsibilities happily without worrying about money.

Frankly I am thankful to God for the kind of life I am living. Today I am happy with even 1% return a month on my full portfolio. I tell to myself at least I am making money, compare this with traders who are losing. So I am very happy. πŸ™‚

Earning Money Is Not Enough It Is Important to Invest Wisely

Just making money from either your job or business or stock trading is not enough. More important than that is to invest wisely.

Let me give you an example. Most people today earn more than 50k a month, but still when it comes to taking a big financial decision like buying a home, they wonder from where to get the money. Example is in front of you – the housing sector is seeing a crises since the last 3 years and I am sure it will continue for a long time. Do you think people’s salary and earnings have not gone up? Yes it has, so why the housing sector is seeing a dip? Its because people are not investing properly. They are either investing in too risky investments or just do not know the correct investing vehicles. So all the extra money that is being saved is not growing at a pace that it should. Results? After years they still feel the lack of money to buy any costly item.

Then what is the difference between someone earning 25k a month and 50k a month or even 1 lakh a month? If you cannot use your money where and when you want to, there is no point in earning more, because to earn more you work more, you give more time but still when it comes to using that money, you do not have enough and still live the same life you were living years ago. All your extra work, the promotions the increase in salary and savings all goes down the drain.

You work extra, your earn extra but still live the same life you lived years ago

Years ago you were worried about money, now when your earnings have increased you are still worried about money. So what happened to that extra money you were earning since years? Answer is you just do not know.

This is where most people do mistake. They invest money but not in the right path or just mismanage their savings and investments. If you are one of them please do this course today, do not wait. Fees the much less than the kind of damages you are doing to your savings.

Money that could have earned more money is money lost

Had they taken the correct decision to invest in time, this situation would have never come, like lack of money even after years just because of financial illiteracy and wrong investment decision.

Knowing the correct investments avenues and doing it at the right time is very important, otherwise life will continue the same way even after years and you will be always worried about money. Do not let that happen. Act NOW.

If you do not want to worry about money when you need it you need to act now and set the path of correct financial investments

To help you plan your finances well, I will make a financial management plan which you can follow to correctly manage and invest your money. This obviously will not come in the site ever. Since it has taken me years to find the right investment approach it cannot come for free.

Price to do this course is Rs. 3500/- only. It will include all investments avenues available in India, its possible growth rate, taxes if any, time frame, mutual funds, stocks, government securities, insurances and a lot of other things which lot of people just do not know where to invest, when to invest and how much, and therefore take the wrong decisions to invest at the wrong time and wrong place. And then repent their bad decisions when they need the money and they find it’s just not there.

What you will get is very well informed and some important decisions for your financial growth which will help you for life.

If you ask me this knowledge is more important than knowing how to trade the stock markets, because we all are making money it does not matter from where it is coming. But if we do not invest what we save in the right financial investment paths then whatever money you are making is going down the drain without you ever knowing it. You will realize this years later. Do not let it happen.

Mutual funds and stocks will have a different segment to invest in the long term for retirement. It is included in the course

If interested please pay course fee of Rs.3500 and inform me. I will send you the course in your email. Please keep it safely for life, as it will not just help you but your kids as well.

This information you will give knowledge to take well informed decisions of your investments and live a stress free life without worrying too much about your financial goals. This is a very important knowledge that every head of the family must know. If both the spouses are working and earning money then they both should know.

You can pay by credit card, debit card, net-banking or UPI. Do not delay. The more time you waste the more money you lose. Compounding works best if started as soon as possible:

  • One Time Fees For The Course is Rs.3500/- Only

    This course will help you invest well and retire rich peacefully. It will include all investments avenues available in India, its possible growth rate, taxes if any, time frame. You will be able to identify good mutual funds, identify good stocks for long term growth, get knowledge about government securities, insurances and a lot of other things which lot of people just do not know where to invest, when to invest and how much, and therefore take the wrong decision to invest at the wrong time and at the wrong place. Then repent their bad decisions when they need the money and they find it’s just not there. By this information you will get knowledge to take well informed decisions of your investments for the long term and live a stress free life without worrying too much about your financial goals & retired life. This is a very important knowledge that every head of the family must know. If both the spouses are working and earning money then they both should know.

    Click Here to Pay 3500

    Click Here to Pay and Get The Course

    Or you can find my bank details here:

    If you pay please contact me and inform about the payment made I will send you the information the same day or next day.

    Looking forward to your bright future.

    Dilip Shaw

    Testimonial by a Senior Executive

    Testimonial by a Senior Executive

    Testimonial by a New Investor

    Testimonial by a New Doing Well In Both Courses Investor

    When You Retire You Must Make Sure Your Money Works For You, You Do Not Work For Money. If You Want It, This Investing Knowledge is For You

    This investing knowledge will help you live a “finance free-tension free” retired life. Retirement age is kept so that you do not work after 60. If you do the correct things now, you will not have to be worried when you retire.

    As soon as people start earning money either through a job or a business they start thinking to invest their savings for retirement. The first thing they do is a Bank’s Fixed or Bank/Post Office Recurring Deposit. In the last 2-3 years it has varied from 9.25% to currently 7.25%. Fixed deposit returns are at par with inflation. If inflation is taken into account then people doing Fixed Deposit just get back their money, technically they did not make any money.

    Do not forget that withdrawals from FD is taxed, so if that is taken into account people doing a FD actually lose money. Your investments make money only when it beats inflation and you still have more than 3% per year after paying taxes.

    Assuming 7% is inflation and 3% is paid as takes, your investment is actually growing only if your returns are above 13% a year.

    There is another problem most investors or traders are unable to compound their profits therefore are unable to save enough for retirement or financial goals in life.

    Read the benefits of compounding your money. If you are a trader and not able to compound your money, you are not making any money at all. Benefits of compounding is the best magic in the world.

    But rarely you fill find any investor or trader taking the benefit of compounding and retiring peacefully.

    They regret their investing decisions later in life but what is the use their life is already gone. History repeats with their kids as well, and again with their kids. This will never end until one person learns the best investing methods to retire peacefully and teaches them for his/her generations to follow.

    There are many traders in the world who want to trade and make enough money so that they can live off trading profits and leave their job, but how many people are there who are actually living this life? Very few.

    This world is full of people who left their jobs to trade stock markets and make money and a life out of trading, lost all their savings and went back to the job world.

    Yes there are some people who are doing good in trading the stock markets but still one must know where to diversify the savings and profits and invest in different investments vehicles to make sure they meet their financial goals yet have enough money to retire peacefully and do not work after 60 years of age or retirement.

    We all invest with the hopes that one day we will have enough money to live off our investments. But there are only a few who actually take the right decision of investing at the correct time and repent when they see their account is just not growing at the pace they wanted to.

    One of the worst decisions is to make money very fast like 10% a month trading stocks, options or futures which no one has ever made and second is to invest in mutual funds but don’t know how to choose the best mutual funds and how to churn their portfolio every year to travel the right path of investments and live a peaceful life.

    So how to chose the right investment path to reach your financial goals? You can contact me to know more.
    Disclosures & Disclaimers:

    Please understand that individual results will vary and stock market investments are subject to market risk. Please research thoroughly before investing in any stock, option, future or mutual fund. It is your money invest carefully. Information in this site and course is for educational purpose, knowledge on finance and stock market trading only. It is not a recommendation to buy or sell any Stock, Option or Future. I am NOT a financial advisor or tip provider. I DO NOT give any tips in any form and DO NOT have any intention to give tips in future as well. I only give Stock Market Education in General and Derivative Trading Education in particular through this website. I have been reading and researching a lot on stock markets, futures and options since I started trading in 2007. Please read About Me page to know more about me.

    What you should do now

    1. If you have still not subscribed for my free 5 days course you can do by filling the form above. You will learn a lot about option trading.

    2. If you are a new option trader, not much experienced and are making losses you can do my paid course. I recommend Nifty Conservative Option Course for beginners because it is easy to understand and easy to trade. Even a 18 year old young trader or a housewife can learn it and start trading from next day. It will help you to earn consistent monthly income without any software or speculation or stress or big risk. You will learn proper hedging strategies that works in any market condition.

    3. If you are banknifty weekly options trader you can do my Bank Nifty Weekly Options & Futures Strategy Course. You will learn future and option hedging strategies that works in volatile market condition.


    What Traders Say About My Course

    Course fees: Click here to know the course fees.

    Here is complete process of my course

    1. Once you pay I will send you the course materials for studying to your email.
    2. You read and ask me questions via phone/whatsapp/email to clear doubts.
    3. Then you start paper trading and still can ask me questions.
    4. After about one month you can start trading.
    5. Since doubts can come anytime the support will be there for one year.

    Within one month you can start trading on your own. No need to depend on anyone once you are on your own.

    If you have any question you can contact me.

    You can read about me here and my trading mistakes here.

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    Dilip Shaw, Founder

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    INCOME DISCLAIMER: Any references in this site of income made by the traders are given to me by them either through Email or WhatsApp as a Thank You message. However every trade depends on the trader and his level of risk taking capability, knowledge and experience. Moreover stock market investments and trading are subject to market risks. Therefore there is no guarantee that everyone will achieve the same or similar results. My aim is to make you a better & disciplined trader with the stock trading and investing education and strategies you get from this website. Please note that I DO NOT give tips or advisory services by SMS, Email, or WhatsApp or any other form of social media. I strictly adhere to laws of my country. I only offer education on finance, investments on stock markets in the best possible way as much as I can through this website. Still, you must consult an authorized advisor or do thorough research before investing in any stock or derivative before trading any strategy given in this website. I am not responsible for any investment decision you take after reading any article given in this website. Knowledge is the only way to get success in stock markets. I try my best to give stock market investing and trading knowledge through the articles posted in this website. Thanks for visiting my website.

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