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I Stay In Kolkata And Offer a Free 5 Days Course On Options Online

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Do You Know You Can Make Money Trading Options Without Leaving Your Job?

Get Conservative Properly Hedged (for Capital Protection) Options & Futures Strategies – Continuous Monitoring NOT Required – Predicting Direction of Nifty/Stock NOT Required – You Can Make Profits Even if Wrong In Future Direction – Trade With Peace of Mind, Make Consistent Profits Every Month – No Technical Analysis Knowledge Required

In short: You Will Get 5 Option & Future Strategies and Bonus Strategy of 38% a month (your results may differ), plus my support. These are evergreen strategies which will work even after you retire. Read this page to understand what you will learn. If you want to talk to me you can call/whatsApp me on 9051143004 or email me to know more..

My knowledge is way beyond options. Everything I say will be important. You will learn a lot on stock markets other than the strategies itself. So please read the course on email. You will get total 5 strategies + 1 bonus strategy done by my client to make 38% return a month for educational purposes, plus two bank nifty weekly option strategies. You will also get my (no one else) one year support to clear doubts in live market on my strategies while trading on phone, whataspp and email.

How many times have you traded options and futures and lost money? If you are trading on hope you are losing money. If you are trading direction you are surly losing money. Because when you cannot predict your own future how can you predict the direction of a stock? What if you learn a trade where predicting direction of a stock is NOT required? Yes money can be make trading options and futures even without knowing or predicting the direction. It is called NON-Directional Trading. On top of that there is a way to buy insurance for a trade to keep your capital protected.

Before reading further just see one testimonial from one of my client who did the course. See his one month profit – Rs.4.05 Lakhs – Your results may vary. Click on the image to enlarge and read properly.

Testimonial by Ravindra

Testimonial by Ravindra from Pune – 10.65% Profit Intraday Rs.4.05 Lakhs in Directional Strategy of My Course – Results may vary for users

Profits After One Month

Rs. 16.26 Lakhs on Rs. 38 Lakhs margin blocked

Rs.16.26 Lakh profit on Rs.38 Lakh margin blocked. 42.78% return in 5 trading days – Results may vary for users

This is what you will get:

Strategy 1: 100% Non-Directional only options strategy. This means even if Nifty stays at 10000-12000 for years you will still make 2-3% on your money per month without any hassles or stress or giving your trades too much time. You can continue with your job while these trades will work for you. Let money work for you. Success rate is 80%. Max loss is 1.5% of the margin blocked due to proper hedging.

Strategy 2: If stop loss is hit in Strategy 1, then we go to Strategy 2 to get back our money. Success rate in this strategy is near 100% as for stop loss to hit in this strategy Nifty has to travel 1000 points continuously in one direction which is near impossible. This will bring back the money lost in Strategy 1.

So combined Strategy 1 and 2 we rarely make a loss.

What You Learn: How To Hedge Options With Options

The above strategies will itself make more than 2% return a month consistently for the rest if your trading life. See this testimonials fro a client who did the course in January 2015 and even in May 2018 is making a consistent return of 2.25% a month – that is 27% a year. This without looking at any charts or reading newspapers or taking any tips and without watching the trades continuously:

Karun Grover Testimonial – Results may vary for users

Strategy 3: For traders who like to buy and keep stocks. This strategy teaches how to hedge equity with options. If you have a lot of stocks in your portfolio then this strategy will teach you how to make extra monthly income WITHOUT bringing any more money into your trading account. It does not matter if your stocks move up or down, you will still make extra monthly income. You will learn TRIPLE LEVERAGE here. Means how to make money from THREE SIDES from a SINGLE ACCOUNT.

What You Learn: How To Hedge Equities With Options

Strategy 4 & 5: If you want to take a Future trade then losses can be unlimited. In this strategy you will learn how to hedge Futures with Options in such a way that even if you are wrong in your direction then how to exit the trade with minimum loss or a small profit. If you are right you will make money anyway. So all in all – either right or wrong in futures direction – you either make good money or a small loss or profit.

What You Learn: How To Hedge Futures With Options And NEVER Bother About Gap Up Or Down Opening Against Your Future Trade. In Fact You May Make A Profit Even if WRONG in Your Future Trade

Now some trades do my course and make such returns Intraday:

Aggressive Strategy Done in Voltas – Results may vary for users

The Great Bonus Trade: This is a great trade taken by one of my clients in the Strategy 4. He changed the trade in such a way that he took benefit of reversal. Benefit of reversal is taking profits in both the ORIGINAL TRADE AND THE HEDGE TRADE. His trade produced a stellar 37% return in 22 days. Your results may differ.

You will get his trade for educational purposes. Initially you will find it hard to copy, but with practice it is not that hard to copy.

What You Learn: How To Hedge And Take Take Benefit Of Reversals In Stock Market

You will also get my support for One Year on email, whatsapp and phone for any doubts you have while trading my strategies.

Course Explained in Details:

Total 5 strategies: You get two conservative non-directional option trading strategies which are profitable 80% of the times. You also get two directional conservative strategies to trade when markets are moving fast due to news. You NEED NOT be correct in predicting the direction. The trade makes money in BOTH directions. You also get one great stock option strategy.

Losses are limited, small and manageable. These strategies can make good money every month. To know exactly how much you can make please contact me.

Strategy 1) Very conservative: Non-Directional Nifty Options. You have to trade this every month. This trade benefits from time decay of both Calls and Puts. As you know Nifty is mostly range-bound, so you win. When it trends a lot then we take a stop-loss of just 1% because of the hedge and we go to Strategy 2 to recover our money. The hedge will save you from a big loss. Most of the times this trade will be in profit.

Strategy 2) Conservative: To be played only when stop-loss is hit in Strategy 1. I have developed a plan to ensure that even if you take a stop loss in Strategy 1 – the Strategy 2 will give you back that money plus some more in profits. Why? Because for Nifty has to travel 1000 points one direction in 40-60 days, which is near impossible. Which means combine Strategy 1 and 2 – there will be rarely a loss. Success rate of this strategy is 90%. We will double the number of lots here so that losses are recovered and you make a small profit.

IMP NOTE: Strategy 1 and Strategy 2 combined you will rarely see a loss month in years. The above two strategies itself is worth the course fee. If you are losing money its highly recommended that you do this course. Rest of the strategies can make more but are slightly aggressive.

Strategy 3) Aggressive: Stock Options. Only when a stock gives us an excellent opportunity to trade. I will tell you how to know that. It makes good money if stop loss in NOT hit. When you call me I will tell you how much you can make. If stop loss is hit it is even better as the money goes into triple leverage – it makes money from three places. If stop loss is hit, there is a proper way to recover loss plus make the same profit if the trade did not hit stop loss. Until recovery you keep getting some money as monthly income. Since the recovery and profits is almost certain, I call it the no loss strategy. You will need some cash if stop loss is hit. This is a great trade for traders who have lot of stocks in their Demat account.

Strategy 4 and Strategy 5 are the Directional Aggressive Strategies where Futures is hedged with Options. If correct Futures makes money if wrong Options make money. Here if you are badly wrong in Futures you can make very good profits. If correct you still make money.

When you know that losses are less and profits more, you can be fearless in compounding your money over the years to make good money.

Note: When there is volatility you should take small risks to increase returns from your account. To help you make more money I will also tell you 2 conservative directional strategies that involves Future trading with options hedging. These strategies make more if you are right, but lose less if you are wrong. If you are horribly wrong, you will make a lot of money. πŸ™‚ One of my clients made 38% return* in one month in this strategy even when he was wrong. You will know his trade as well. *Results may vary for users

Another benefit of this directional strategy is that as the position is properly hedged you need not take a stop-loss. Like I said, you can decide when to take the profits. This trade makes money both sides, so you can just wait for the right time to take your profits out. You lose money only if Nifty movement is very slow for a full 30 days. How many times does that happen?

After the trading course I will give support for a few months from the date of order of course. How many people give this kind of service?

Why I Started This Website & Course?

I see that lot of traders are fooled by tips providers / advisory services – me too – I lost 7 lakhs trading their tips and speculative trades myself from 2007-2010. Well no more, because I took to learning stock trading myself seriously and today am happy I lost that money because it was that failure that made me the person I am today.

Are you interested in getting a 5 day free course to learn trading options properly? If yes, submit your email in the form below. The course will start from tomorrow for next 5 days, delivered directly to you email. Read at your own leisure.

11 Reasons Why You Should Do This Course:

1. Technical Analysis Knowledge NOT required – Read to know why I do not believe in Technical Analysis. But it good for Back Testing. See one of my client did back testing on my strategies and he found it working well in all market conditions.
2. NO Software Required – Software can’t make money only humans can. Automated trading has failed huge many times.
3. Regular Monitoring NOT Required – Stock trading is not watching stocks.
4. Continue with Your Job – Yes just because you are trading does not mean you have to leave your job.
5. Do Course From Your Home – Why go anywhere when due to Internet we can still be connected?
6. 100% Hedged – This is PURE INSURANCE Trading.
7. Stress-Free Trading – Making money should not come with stress.
8. Scaling Possible – As you age you will have more money, and if you are a good trader it is always better to trade with more money
9. One Time Fee – Its a course not tips that you have to pay every-month and lose.
10. FREE Support For Months – Read it here

Testimonial by a Technical Analyst an Expert Trader – Results may vary for users:
Testimonial 2017

60% Profit Using Just Strategy 1 In A Financial Year – Results may vary for users:
60% Profit Using Just Strategy 1 In A Financial Year – Results may vary for users

He is owner of a very popular trading software company:

Testimonial by Housewife Trader – Results may vary for users:

How The Course Is Conducted?

This is the first question traders ask me when they call me. I do not call anyone, traders interested in the course call me. And this is the first question they ask. Here is how the course is conducted:

Step 1. You will read below that you will get 5 conservative option and future strategies and one bonus trade done by my client to get more returns than I ever thought was possible once you enroll for the course. Details on the strategies is written below.

Step 2. If you feel like doing the course you pay the course fee. Click here to know the course fee – it will open in a new window. Please read, it is not high at all, in fact it is less than your one loss.

Step 3. Once the fee is paid you inform me by contacting me here or on whatsapp on my number 9051143004. Please tell me your name, email, and payment details.

Step 4. Within 24 hours of the payment I will send you the strategies in your email. I have myself written these strategies in 4 PDF files which I will send as an attachment to your email.

Step 5. You can read these strategies whenever you want when free. Please read twice before asking me questions.

Step 6. Though it is written in a easy to understand language, it is obvious you may have doubts. After reading twice please ask me questions and clear your doubts. No one in India gives that much time as a service to educate proper hedging strategies to help you become a better trader, for a one time fee. Most of them ask upwards of Rs.30,000 or a monthly fee. Here you just have to pay only once.

Step 7. If you paid only for email support you can ask questions via email. If you paid for all three support you can clear your doubts via email, whatsapp and phone. If the questions are long please email as you will have the backup, if short please whatsapp, if instant please call.

Step 8. Support will be till the time written in the fee details page.

Step 9. From next day onward you will start getting emails to help you know what strategy to trade and what may happen to the stock markets. These emails are not sent to free email subscribers. These emails are not advisory service or tip providing service, they are given to help you become a better trader and trade the correct strategy.

Once you enroll for the course you will get all the 5 strategies and a bonus strategy of 38% a month made by one of my client in your email within 24 hours of your payment. Your results may differ. You will get my personal support on Phone + WhatsApp + Email till you are successful trading my strategies. You will get support to understand the strategies for One Year. You will get IMPORTANT emails with ideas to trade my strategies and other ideas on trading till you are successful trading my strategies. I will continue support up to 6 months from the date of enrollment. With the help of my support emails you will get many ideas to trade on Nifty as well as on stocks. These emails DO NOT go to free subscribers. One time fees only for course and support for 6 months is FREE. You Do Not Have to pay anything more.

How Much Can You Make If you Do My Options and Futures Course?

You see not all traders are same. So some will get exceptional returns and some average. Like This – Ravi Excellent Trader Makes Rs. 16.26 Lakhs Profit in 5 Days – Results may vary for users. See the proof of 5 days trading profits made by him:

Rs. 16.26 Lakhs on Rs. 38 Lakhs margin blocked

Rs. 16.26 Lakhs profits on Rs. 38 Lakhs margin blocked. 42.78% return in 5 trading days – Results may vary for users

First Trade according to my strategy with amazing profits:

Testimonial by Ravindra

Testimonial by Ravindra – 10.65% Profit Intraday Rs.4.05 Lakhs in Directional Strategy of My Course – Results may vary for users

Click here to see his profits day by day. Please remember that results are typical and may vary from trade to trade. Such amazing profits are not possible in every trade. The trader has written on how he achieved such amazing results. Click here to read his white paper.

Very Imp Disclaimer: These results like 10.65% profit are typical and its not guaranteed that every trade will produce the same or similar results. However the hedging methods in the course will help you to take such aggressive trades even with a lot of cash, because you know that capital protection is there no matter what. Smart traders will always make more.

Want to see more testimonials? I would request you to read testimonials and reviews of the course by real traders here – and see how they are making good profits. (Results may vary for users.)

Another trader who is not a full time trader with amazing returns:

Testimonial by Mr. Inder

Testimonial by Mr. Inder – Results may vary for users

If you subscribe for this course, you will get his trade details and know how he made such a good return in such a short time.

NOTE: Mr. Inder’s trade will be given as bonus to all paid subscribers of the course the same day along with all other strategies. Both Ravi and Mr. Inder are still doing good with the directional but hedged strategies written in my course. As Mr. Inder has no issues sharing his trade this is given as a bonus to all paid subscribers to improve their returns. His idea needs a little bit of practice, then you can improve your returns from trading this strategy. It may take some time but with efforts results will show.

NOTE: Mr. Inder traded the conservative directional strategy in the course. 11% return in 1 trade is typical and may not happen in every trade. Testimonial was sent without asking as a comment. Mr. Inder made a total profit of 37.8% on margin blocked. He made MORE when he was WRONG in his Future trade. If you take the course I will send his real trades for your learning and proof. Not every trade can bring such results. Your results may differ.

Before reading further please understand, and I hope you will agree with me that, education helps for life not one or two days. By getting tips you not only lose money but also time. In the end you learn nothing and get frustrated. Therefore education is more important than tips. How many people who have taken tips have become very rich trading stock markets by taking tips? NONE. But people like Warent Buffet (the BEST stock trader the world has ever produced), are highly educated and never take tips. These people invest money only in knowledge to become better traders. You went to school for education, therefore you got a good job. Imagine the return on investment education gives. Today your six month’s salary is much more than your entire fee of school and college. This is the return on investment knowledge can give.

I have been trading options successfully since 2011. Before that I was losing money trading the stock markets, because I lacked knowledge of trading. From 2007 to 2010 I lost more than Rs.7 lakhs which was 100% of my savings. I did a lot of mistakes while trading. You can read my mistakes here and know the common trading mistakes traders do. You can read some option strategies written by me here. All are written with real option premium provided by NSE at the time of writing. I also try to help my email subscribers trade well through my free newsletters for life which you can sign up here:

I offer an Options and Futures trading course to help you trade profitably: You Learn How To Trade Non-Directional Option Strategies “Conservatively” For Monthly Income with Peace of Mind!

Here Are Some Benefits Of My Course, There Are More Actually But You Will Know Only After You Do It

  • No need to go anywhere, you can do this course from your home
  • Technical Analysis (TA) knowledge is NOT required
  • NO Software Required
  • Strike Selection will be Taught
  • NO need to monitor your trades every second or minute or even for hours, so,
  • You can continue with your job/business while the trades make money for you in the background,
  • Last 2 years back-testing done strategies work in MOST market conditions,
  • You need Rs. 75,000/- only to start trading my strategies, but the more the better to get the benefit of compounding,
  • Pay once, learn and trade yourself profitably for life, so,
  • NO need to depend on so called “Tips Providers” and lose money trading their tips (I have lost too)
  • I will support you personally to understand the strategies well on email, phone and whatsapp. No one in the World does that for such a low price. I want you to become a better trader after the course that’s my aim and I will work hard to make sure it happens.
  • For more information Email me, or Call/WhatsApp me on 9051143004.

Important Features – These are some of the most common questions asked by traders

Q 1. What is the accuracy of your strategies?

Ans – You see this is stock trading. Risk is there but because the strategies are properly hedged, risk is reduced considerably. Accuracy is 75-80%. Risk is low because its hedged and planned disciplined trading, therefore it gets reduced to 2% on margin blocked.

Q 2. How much draw-down can come in my trading account if I trade the strategies?

Ans – As written earlier: 2%-3% max.

Q 3. Is it for intraday or positional trading? If positional what happens in gap up or gap down next day?

Ans – Its not intraday, its positional. The strategies are properly hedged, so basically you become a broker. You lose in one hand and gain in another hand. It is only the difference that you pay. Sleep well in the night, do not worry. Proper hedging will take care of your hard earned money. That is why even in huge gap up or gap down, you will lose maximum of 2-3% on margin blocked.

Q 4. Does your strategy provide clear entry, exit, stop loss and risk management?

Ans – Yes it does. In fact you are paying exactly for this. Strike selection (here is where most traders go wrong in options trading), Buy or Sell which strike, Call or Put, When to Enter & When to Exit with Profits, Where exactly to take a Stop Loss, What to do after taking a Stop Loss to Get Your Money Back (Strategy 2), How to Hedge Options with Options, How to Hedge Futures with Options, etc. A lot of things are there in the course to learn. The aim of the course is to make you a good trader for life, not just one or two days.

Q 5. Can I make Option Trading as Full Time Business? If yes then how much capital I need to invest?

Ans – You see stock trading is a business like any other business. Even when you open a shop at least Rs.50 lakh is required. 3-5% per month is what you make on blocked margin. It depends on how much you want to make per month to earn a living. Now this is simple interest mathematics. That said some traders, as you have seen above, like Ravi and Inder are doing much better. In fact these kinds of students are doing better than me and make me proud. If you can also enter that league, it will be great, and you will also make me proud.

Q 6. How much return can I expect consistently if I follow your strategy with all rules?

Ans – Over one year period, anywhere from 30% to 40% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR). Please note that your results may vary depending on after doing my course, how good a trader you become.

Q 7. Is it true that some signal providers from some states have inside information? Therefore normal retail traders like us find it difficult to make money trading?

Ans – I do not know, neither am interested to know who has inside information or not. All I know is that if you have a proper planning and correct method and knowledge to trade, no one can stop you to make money trading.

Q 8. Maximum how much I can invest if I want to trade in nifty options?

Ans – Maximum investment is your choice but to trade my strategies at least 75k is required.

Q 9. Can I trade anywhere or only in Nifty Options using your strategies? Because I want to trade Bank Nifty Weekly Options and Stock Options too?

Ans – You see the logic of the trade is important. Once you learn the correct method to trade you can trade anywhere whether it is Bank Nifty Weekly Options, Bank Nifty Monthly Options, or Stock Options.

Conservative Hedged Options and Futures Course – Who Can Do This Course?

You can do the course if you just know the Basics of Options and Futures, like what margin is blocked when we buy an option and how much is blocked when we sell an option. What is difference between buying and selling options, and what is Futures trading. This info is enough to do the course. No high technical knowledge required to do the course. Strike selection, when to enter and exit, all is well written in very easy to understand language in the course. Even if you do not know, just email me after enrolling for the course and I will send you two great basic options links for more knowledge and better trading.

If you do not know Basics of Options do not worry I will help you know basics of options for free. To get the basics of options please fill the form below I am willing to help you for free:

Testimonial by Aditi

Testimonial by Aditi A Housewife – Results may vary for users

WhatsApp Testimonial Menon

WhatsApp Testimonial by Menon – Results may vary for users

Find 100+ testimonials in these pages:

What Traders Say About This Course
Testimonials Year 2015
Testimonials Year 2015 Page 2
Testimonials Year 2015 & 2016
Testimonials Year 2016
Testimonials Year 2017
What People Say Just After Reading My Course
Emotional Testimonial by a Young Woman Trader and Her Mother

Once you enroll for the course you will get all the 5 strategies and a bonus strategy of 38% a month made by one of my client in your email within 24 hours of your payment. Your results may differ. You will get my personal support on Phone + WhatsApp + Email till you are successful trading my strategies. You will get support to understand the strategies for One Year. You will get IMPORTANT emails with ideas to trade my strategies and other ideas on trading till you are successful trading my strategies. I will continue support up to 6 months from the date of enrollment. With the help of my support emails you will get many ideas to trade on Nifty as well as on stocks. These emails DO NOT go to free subscribers. One time fees only for course and support for 6 months is FREE. You Do Not Have to pay anything more.

What You Get In the Course?

Before reading please understand that for all 5 strategies, strike selection will be taught. Strike selection while trading Options is the most essential part to succeed.

You get 5 option strategies: 2 conservative non-directional, 1 conservative stock option and 2 aggressive directional trades – and support from me to help you understand and trade the strategies well. I can give support because I believe in my strategies. The course has trades for all type of traders: non-directional are for people who are in a job or busy, stock option is for people who love to trade stocks and directional is for aggressive traders. Please read full to understand what you get and the risks and rewards involved in the strategies. ALL strategies have limited losses as they are 100% hedged and probability of success is more.

Stock Option Trade that is done once a month. It either makes a profit or hits stop loss on expiry day. If there is a profit there is nothing to be done. If there is a loss you will learn how to recover that loss and get into profits again. You also learn triple leverage i.e. money making money from three places.

Directional Conservative Trade is a combination of Future and options. Basically its a game of Delta. When right in Future, of course you make money. When wrong the Delta of options increases more than the Future – so you make money. It means you make money whether you are right or wrong. For example one of my clients made 37.8% return in April 2015 in the directional strategy. Please understand that results may vary for users.

You will learn how hedge options – so losses if any will be small and limited. If one option loses money, some other makes money. Overtime the non-directional trades win 80% of the times. So you should be in good profit at the end of the year. I also request you to Call/WhatsApp me on 9051143004 or email me to know more. Everyone’s situation is different. I can understand your situation only if you contact me.

TheOptionCourse.com WhatsApp Testimonial

WhatsApp Testimonial by Manish – Results may vary for users

Why Should You Do This Course From Me?

Good question. When there are thousands out there selling their strategies why should you buy this course from me? I can understand your concern. I am myself a trader. I lost huge money trading – almost 7 lakhs at a time when I was going through financial difficulties. And to rub salt in the wound, I also lost my job. Once things got settled, I devoted my time on reading options. That made me a conservative trader. My profits are small, but at least I am making profits. Then to share my knowledge and to help traders make money, I opened this website. I am sure you must have read a few strategies written by me. If I can write such good strategies for free, there must be something better in my paid strategies. I offer support for a few months from the date of order for free because I want you to make money trading. I charge a small fee to share some of the best conservative and aggressive strategies and to offer you support. One more thing, my 15,000+ newsletter subscribers trust me and I cannot afford to break their trust.

Testimonial by Sankar

Testimonial by Sankar – Results may vary for users

Note: I trade these strategies in a very different way than what is mostly found online or traders do. Proper entry and exit rules are defined and its done in a very disciplined way. That is why traders are making money. You can find 100+ testimonials in these pages:

Links to All Course Testimonials Pages:

What Traders Say About This Course
Testimonials Year 2015
Testimonials Year 2015 Page 2
Testimonials Year 2015 & 2016
Testimonials Year 2016
Testimonials Year 2017
What People Say Just After Reading My Course
Emotional Testimonial by a Young Woman Trader and Her Mother

Deepak Testimonial

Testimonial by Deepak – Results may vary for users

Course also includes my support for months, it includes Email, Phone and WhatsApp support. I offer support to make sure you understand my strategies well, hedging Options and Futures well, remove Greed and Fear (the biggest enemies of a trader) from your body and mind while trading and learn to live A Peaceful Life with Consistent Profits. Instant online payment is possible. For more information click here.

How Much Money Do You Need To Trade These Strategies?

To trade the non-directional strategies you will need only Rs. 75,000/- in your trading account. For the directional strategies you will need only Rs. 60,000/- in your trading account.

If you have more cash you can trade the conservative stock option. You will learn triple leverage – which means money making money from three places.

You can start trading from any day, it has nothing to do with expiry. Technical Analysis knowledge is NOT required.

To know how this course can help you its best to Call/WhatsApp me on 9051143004. Feel comfortable and call, I am not one of those professional guys. πŸ™‚

How It Works?

1. You pay the fee for the course. (Course fee and how to pay details here.)
2. You SMS/WhatsApp/Email me your name, email, city, fee paid and bank name.
3. The same day I send you the course materials in your email.
4. You read the strategies at home and take support from me to understand them.
5. You start paper trading.
6. After about a month you start real trading.

This is What Traders Who Have Taken My Course Has to Say:

(Copy paste from my email accounts):

Testimonial by Manohar

Testimonial by Manohar – Results may vary for users

Testimonial by Karthik

Testimonial by Karthik – Results may vary for users

Testimonial by Shiv

Testimonial by Shiv – Results may vary for users

Testimonial by Chandrashekar

Testimonial by Chandrashekar – Results may vary for users

Please note that this was typical and it is not possible to get such a big return in every trade. Results can vary from trade to trade.

Testimonial by Saravanan

Testimonial by Saravanan – Results may vary for users

Testimonial Cheliyan

Testimonial by Cheliyan – Results may vary for users

Testimonial by Allen

Testimonial by Allen – Results may vary for users

Testimonial by Ashok

Testimonial by Ashok – Results may vary for users

You can make profits in some trades even after hitting stop loss like this one:

Testimonial by Shiv

Testimonial by Shiv – Results may vary for users

Testimonial by Vipul

Testimonial by Vipul – Results may vary for users

Testimonial by Himanshu

Testimonial by Himanshu – Results may vary for users

I get a lot of Thank You calls and emails too. If they can make money why can’t you?

Disclaimer: Results may vary for users. Some make more some less but the idea is to learn, get education and trade.

Contact me now to know more about this course. You can also Call/WhatsApp on 9051143004. Or you can pay for the course online in this page.

Your Benefits:

  • Trade with Peace of Mind: You can trade without worrying about the stock markets. In fact when you will put on a trade I will ask you not to look at Nifty for the next one week. After that monitoring the trade once per day is required. Take time out for your life.
  • Make Money Almost Every Month*: My goal will be to help you first reach a stage where you do not lose any money trading. Once that is reached you will start making small profits every month and then you can trade the directional trades that can bring very good returns. But this should be done when you are experienced trading my strategies.
  • No Need to Predict the Direction of the Markets: These are all non-directional trades which means you need not predict the direction of the markets. One-half of your money will be guaranteed profitable. The other half also will be most of the times profitable, else we manage the trade.
  • No Technical Analysis Required: You do not need to know Technical Analysis. These things are for traders who do intraday trades or do heavy leverage on futures or stocks. For options risk management is more important than Technical Analysis. I do not know Technical analysis either but still trade profitably.
  • Simple Trades Based on Logic: When you talk to me you will understand that there is a logic behind these trades and not Technical. And the logic is very simple to understand.
  • Positional Trades 10-30 Days: We take a position for around 10 to 30 days to get a good profit. Which means everyday trading is not required.
  • 100% Hedged: If by chance there is a loss in the trade, the other position will make a profit. You can sleep better at night because the losses are limited.
  • Limited Profits or Limited Losses: Profits are limited, but come almost in every trade. Only a few trades (approx 2 in 10) will show losses – but we will manage it and make sure the losses are small and few.
  • Trade Only 2-4 Times a Month: Its obvious that if you trade less, there is no need to trade more that 2-4 times in a month. You can peacefully carry on with your job.
  • No Need to Monitor the Trades Every Second: Since it takes some time before the profits starts rolling in, there is no need to monitor the trades every second. Just once a day is enough. When its time to take profits we just close the positions.
  • Course on Email: This is convenient for both you and me. You can take the course right there in your home whenever you are free. Phone/Skype consultation is also possible.

This course is good if you have a regular job or business and cannot monitor your trades every second. All are positional and 100% hedged trades. There is NO chance of a huge loss whatever happens.

For more information contact me or Call/WhatsApp me on 9051143004. I can speak English & Hindi.

Once you start trading these strategies you will learn to manage risk. Managing risk is the most important trading decision. You will learn to totally control greed and be a disciplined trader. Within few months you will get confident in options trading.

IMP: The course is based on logic not on magic. Once you take the course and understand the logic behind the trades you will understand why it makes money almost every time its played. This should work even years after you have taken the course. You only invest a small amount to get knowledge to trade profitably for life.

What is the course fees?

You get 5 great conservative strategies and a bonus trade where one of my clients made 37.8% return in one month. (Your results may vary). You can do the course by paying a onetime fee only. No more charges. No hidden charges. The fees includes the Course Modules + Support on Email + Phone + WhatsApp for months. I offer support till you are successful trading the strategies on your own and do not need my help. I will send the strategies to your email in PDF documents within 24 hours of your payment.

Once you enroll for the course you will get all the 5 strategies and a bonus strategy of 38% a month made by one of my client in your email within 24 hours of your payment. Your results may differ. You will get my personal support on Phone + WhatsApp + Email till you are successful trading my strategies. You will get support to understand the strategies for One Year. You will get IMPORTANT emails with ideas to trade my strategies and other ideas on trading till you are successful trading my strategies. I will continue support up to 6 months from the date of enrollment. With the help of my support emails you will get many ideas to trade on Nifty as well as on stocks. These emails DO NOT go to free subscribers. One time fees only for course and support for 6 months is FREE. You Do Not Have to pay anything more.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Is this refundable?

Ans – Yes and No. Not because I cannot offer you a refund, but because I will offer you something that has value. And value has a price. Gaining knowledge has its own price. The money you pay is nothing compared to the knowledge you will gain from the course and what you will make from these trades in your life. Sorry by not giving a refund I am able to eliminate those not-serious traders. I don’t want people trading for fun to pay me, waste my time and their too and ask for a refund.

However, I only want very serious traders to do my course. I will be happy to talk and give a great service to traders who are serious about their money and trades. That said I will offer you a refund if you give me real reason why you want a refund. This will help me to improve my service. However you can ask for a refund within 7 days of paying for the course. Once refund is processed my service to you will stop immediately.

Q2. If I am unable to understand can I call you?

Ans – Yes, if you do not understand something and want to call please do so. Remember this is a paid service so please get the best out of me when we are talking. Ask questions and clear your doubts. Please call only if you have taken the phone support. Otherwise email me for support.

Q3. I am not a technical person. I do not know technical analysis.

Ans – I am not a technical analysis expert either. The beauty of my strategies is that no technical or fundamental analysis knowledge is required. If you know basics of options that is enough. Trades and not that complicated. Simple strategies make more than complicated ones.

Q4. I am in a full time job will I be able to trade using the strategies you provide?

Ans – Yes because all are 100% hedged and positional trades. You will get enough time to take out profits or take a SL. Once you take the course you will know when to get ready to take out profits. Average time of a trade to hit profit is 10-15 days. You only need to see the values of the trade once in morning at around 10 am and once at around 2 pm and if everything is fine, you can continue with your job.

Q5. I do not live in India nor have an Indian bank account, but I want to get this course. Can I avail your service?

Ans – Yes. If you can trade online it does not matter where you live. You just need to know the strategies that I want you to learn. You can trade them in any stock market. All markets in the world behave the same. If you love trading options it does not matter whether you trade in India’s index/stocks or any other country’s. What matters is how much knowledge you have about options and your willingness to learn conservative trades.

Options trading rules are the same in any market in any part of the world. So even if you are trading RUT (Russell 2000), or NDX (NASDAQ-100) or SPX (S&P 500 Index) you can trade these strategies. In fact my guru traded RUT. Yes I learned these strategies from a trader in the US. He was a market maker in COBE (Chicago Board Options Exchange). Now retired, he used to manage millions of dollars in trading account using the same strategies since 1980s.

Q6. I am not a rich man. I have little money in my Demat account.

Ans – It does not matter. If you have just Rs. 75,000 in your account you can trade these strategies. Though, because the account size is small you will have to trade less lots. Once you gain confidence and experience, you should invest more money in your trading account to make more.

Q7. I have a lot of money in my trading account. Can I invest crores in your strategies?

Ans – The best way to start learning any new strategy is to start with 1 lot only even if you are a crorepati. Remember whether its one lot or hundreds or lots, your first job is to understand the logic behind the strategies, know why they make money and if they lose then whats your max loss, etc. Once the logic is clear you can start increasing the lot size. If you increase the lot size slowly, even if a stop loss is hit, a 1.5% loss will not damage your portfolio. Of course you know this a part of trading and you will recover your money. Within a few months you should be able to trade with a huge account. By that time you will also get good experience of trading these conservative strategies and you will not fear trading hundreds of lots.

P.S: Just to repeat these are the strategies you get when you take the course:

  • 2 non-directional option strategies (1 purely non-directional, 1 almost always results in profits but needs to be played only if the first hits a stop loss),
  • 1 stock option no loss strategy (slightly advanced strategy but works great) explained in details, &
  • 2 conservative directional strategies – beautiful combination of Futures & Options – returns are better than the non-directional strategies – risk is less than the reward, on 10 you make 7, but you lose only 3 – direction needs to be predicted over a long period of time. If the stock goes against your view pretty fast, even 2% you still make some money. πŸ™‚ Because the position is properly hedged you may take a 60 day time for your Future to hit target – mostly it does.

I am highly committed to my customers. I help them as much as possible. I always pick up the phone and reply emails as soon as possible. I do not have any employees but still give better service than big companies. This is the reason I charge Rs. 1000 extra for the phone service, as it takes my time. The course is good, but you must be willing to learn. I am here to help.

Thank You for showing interest in Learning Conservative Option Trading Strategies. Conservative Trading is not a get rich quick scheme. It is a process that can earn you consistent returns in the long run. I can help you learn conservative option trading where profits will be more, losses less and you can grow your trading account with time.

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