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Just Now I Replied To an Email From A Paid Client

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I feel sad when people just want to make more money without looking or ignoring the risks involved.

I get 10 calls on average a day and out of that 8 people (80%) keep their phone down within 1 minute as soon as they listen that from my course the strategies they learn will make them on an average 3% a month. The very next question is can’t we make more, instantly I reply NO.

They say OK and keep their phone down. As you know I DO NOT call back again if you give me a call for the course. I am willing to help only those who have value more for peaceful life, knowledge and patience for making money either in stock markets or in any other business or a job.

That’s the reason I do not call back ever, and will never do to anyone who contacts me for the course.

I want only those people who value the above do my course and those who are greedy and not willing to change stay away being my paid clients.

Let me tell you one simple fact. The best stock investor of all times – Warren Buffett is making a return of just over 2% a month – that is 24%+ a year since the last 25 years. The results? He goes on to become the richest person on Earth. And he remained in that seat for 3 years. This is the real result of giving value to peaceful life, knowledge and patience for making money. Compare this with aggressive and greedy traders trying to beat Warren Buffett – someone lost 40 lakhs and here is the baap of all losers – 2 crores in trading. Hey it looks like 40 lakhs loss is common in India as 2 calls out of the 10 I get say they have lost between 30 and 40 lakhs. And you will be surprised to know that 70% of them are from one part of India. Obviously since some sentiments may get hurt I am not wiling to reveal which part of India.

It is better to hide some truth that may hurt people so not revealing. I am not getting regional biased here – we are all Indians after all. I am just telling you the facts that is all.

Now one of my paid customers asked me a question yesterday that surprised me as he did the course recently. I am not against experimenting but do it if you are highly experienced or when you have traded my strategies as written for 6 months at least. But I agree that some people are seeing exceptional results by doing some experiments on my strategies. This guy is now making more than 1 lakh a day trading my strategies. I agreed that he has made some changes to the directional strategies and doing pretty well, so I am not taking all the credit. Genius people are genius no doubts on that. He converted my positional trade to Intraday and making 1 lakh a day. This is pure Genius at Work and no one can stop a Genius from making money. 🙂

Let me also tell you that I have no idea that how much experienced this trader is who asked me this question yesterday, but I am sorry dude if you are highly experienced as this trader did not ask me a single question before taking my course. He just paid for it. By the way, there are many who pay without contacting me even once either by phone or by email. They are my subscribers and then one day they just pay for the course.

I am sure they do it after seeing all their efforts of making 10% a month is going down the drain. But anyways my thanks to those who start respecting 2-3% return a month coming from the stock markets and enroll for the course. Ultimately one day the situation and circumstances will make you more matured person than you are today.

He asked me a question on my paid strategy as he wanted to change the strike price according to market move. Since this question was on the non-directional strategy which is the easiest of my course I was a bit surprised.

If right he can make 1% more return a month but what he is not looking at is, if wrong he can lose 2% more. Now assuming he is 50% right – his returns will be 50% more in a year than what the strategy makes but losses will be 100% less than what the strategy makes. There you go – final result is making 10% a year less than what the others are making. That is the problem with most traders around the world. All they see is the positive outcome of the trade. They keep ignoring the negative outcomes. It is strange they keep repeating this mistake for years until they stop trading. But by that time they have losses around 30-50 lakhs. Then they retire from their job and call me. How strange and sad.

Anyways my reply was this:

1. Do it if you are absolutely sure else no 🙂

2. Control your greed life is limited 🙂

3. Even a crorepati dies one day what will you do with 5 lakhs extra made in 5 years? Can you answer that?

Now if you are not my customer these questions apply to you as well.

1. Trade if you are absolutely sure of the direction. Else do not trade. (When you are not absolutely sure of the direction where your life is going how can you be absolutely sure of the direction of Nifty?)

2. Average age of an Indian has increased to 65 years. For Gods it does not matter you are rich or poor he will take you away when your time comes no emotions or money involved. Agreed money matters but please do not give it more importance than your own life. If you come to my house as guest in Mercedes or BMW or in a Tata Nano or by a bus – do you think my respect will change for you if you become more wealthy? No. If you are meeting your goals that is great. Then take out 30% of it and no more and invest in a disciplined way in stock markets to increase your wealth so that you have no worries when you retire. But please do not trade aggressively to lose wealth. We trade to secure our future not to destroy it.

3. Ultimately one day we will leave this world and will not be able to take even our bodies with us. So please make a will or legal documentation of all your wealth and tell this to your spouse and kids. In case something happens to you, at least they will get what they deserve else all your had work will be kept as unclaimed income and will be taken away by banks and one day this money will enter their profit books. I am not joking – a lot of unclaimed money is still lying in banks. This is result of people not declaring their wealth to their kids or not writing a legal will. So this as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading hope it has made you more matured as a person.

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About the author: Dilip Shaw I started trading stock markets since 2007. However my first 3 years were losses. Then I dedicated almost 1 year on studying, researching, paper trading options and learned a lot in that time. Since 2011 I am trading Nifty options profitably. Call me if you need any help trading options on 9051143004.

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