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Conservative Option Course Contents Explained in Details

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In this page you will read the course contents of my conservative option course in a detailed manner.

Strategy 1) Conservative Non-Directional Strategy: (10 pages)

Min required: 45,000 (Option selling required but due to hedging total margin gets reduced)

This strategy has to be traded every month irrespective of Nifty going up or down because this is direction independent strategy and works either way the market goes.

No one can accurately predict the direction of the markets. I have seen that market neutral strategies always almost perform better in the long run.

This trade should make money if Nifty is range bound. If there is a swift movement too far in one direction, I will tell you how to adjust to make sure losses are less than 1500.

India VIX is an important factor for the strategy.

You will also learn what to look for before taking this trade like any news, India VIX, liquidity of the strikes traded etc.

How much this strategy makes? Approx. 2500-3000 per trade. It’s a positional trade for 10-12 days.

What is the risk? Approx. 1500 – note that this is limited due to hedge.

What is the Risk to Reward ratio? 3:1. Which means you make money three times and lose once.

Is there any huge risk in a Black Swan Event? Not at all. A Black Swan Event comes once in 10 years so that should not be a big concern. However, in a Black Swan Event loss can be 5000.

Strategy 2) Adjustment to Conservative Non-Directional Strategy:

This is traded only when stop loss is hit in strategy 1. This is basically adjustment to strategy 1. Minimum required is same as strategy 1. You will have to close the strategy 1 and then trade this strategy.

Basically for stop loss to be hit in this strategy Nifty will have to travel 1500 points in 30 days’ time which is impossible.

So whatever is lost in strategy 1 is recovered in strategy 2.

Strategy 3) Conservative Stock Option Strategy: (9 pages)

This is a HNI (High Net worth Individual) strategy. Minimum required for this strategy is 5 lakhs. Equity buying is required. I will tell in which stocks this can be traded.

This strategy is great for people who like to hold equities in their demat account. Great for people who want to trade stock options. Great for busy people who cannot watch and trade markets often.

This will make approx. 15000 per month without any risk. The strategy works as a rental income as if you bought a home for 5 lakhs and the tenant living there pays 15k per month without fail. Plus dividends if any will be your extra income.

This strategy makes money from three places:

1. Just one trade is required in this strategy for the entire month and that one trade will make 15k for you in 30 days. That’s one way it makes money.
2. Good companies give dividends anywhere between 2-5% a year. That’s yours to keep. That’s second way this strategy makes money.
3. You can always get collateral against the shareholding on the stock and trade strategy 1 without bringing the entire amount to trade. Strategy 1 will make 3% approx. per month. Note that you are using the same money to make 15k, dividends, and with collateral trading strategy 1 and making 3% a month. This company gives good collateral against stock holdings. That’s third way this strategy makes money.

Sometimes, not always, it may make up to 24% return in 60 days. If you do the course you will understand why.

Strategy 4) Conservative Directional Strategy for Future Buy & Sell: (5 pages)

This strategy is good for traders who trade Stock or Index Futures. Minimum required is 25,000. Note that margin is reduced because the future will be hedged with options.

Risk is 5000(fixed) but reward can be above 10k. Note that this is a future trade and should be traded only when you become an experienced future trader. Some monitoring may be required. Therefore in this strategy first paper trading is recommended.

Risk reward ratio since it’s a future trade is 2:1.

Strategy 5) BONUS – The Great Directional Trade for Reversal Benefit: (4 pages)

This strategy was developed by one of my clients who made 22% in a month by a slight twist in Strategy 4. Basically within 30 days time-frame Nifty makes a reversal. We can take our chances in these 30 days time-frame right? You will learn how to take a limited risk and wait for a reversal in the index or stock to make exceptional profits.

By now you must have understood that my strategies are based on logic, not magic, of how stock markets works.

If you learn to keep it simple and stick to rules and discipline you will make money in the long run whether its investments or derivative trading.

After you pay I will send you the strategies written in total 28 pages full of information and step by step guide in easy language. Not only that, you can contact me for any doubts you have on the course for next 1 year from the date of payment. My support to help you master these strategies itself is more than the course fee.

You can check the course fee here.

Please contact me on 9051143004 after payment so that I can send you the strategies and start giving you support for one year.

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