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Basics of Fundamental And Technical Analysis

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I keep getting emails/calls where traders say they have attended many seminars or classes on Fundamental And Technical Analysis In Stock Trading but have not found success.

See this one of such an email:

Too many classes in fundamental & technical analysis if just theory is a waste

Most of them have attended classes with fees of Rs.30,000/- and above, yet they do not see results.

Why is this?

You see I have no right to name anyone and I will never do, but the fact is they teach just the basics and NOT WHAT YOU NEED TO DO TO TRADE MAKE MONEY.

Basics of Fundamental and Technical Analysis you can learn for free. Here is a huge pdf file explaining basics of Fundamental and Technical Analysis:

There is no need to pay for basics if you can get it for free. Nothing wrong in doing a course for improving your trading skills but, you should pay for results not just knowledge.


You can see yourself what my clients are speaking since 2015. My course results are here – my clients results matter and tells whether this course is worth doing or not. By reading the testimonials you can guess what your trading ends will be.

Basically just learning is not enough. What you learn should be implementable while trading and it should show results in real trading, in YOUR TRADING ACCOUNT not just in books.

My course does exactly that – and this is important. Moreover education helps you for life – its not about this month and next month – its about your ENTIRE LIFE of TRADING.

My course will help you to make monthly income and make you a better trader for the rest of your life. This is the reason a lot of customers have told me after doing my course that this is exactly they were looking for and they got it for a fraction of the cost of what they paid for other courses and seminars. Just because someone wears a tie and a suit and makes some YouTube videos does not make him a good educator. A good educator is someone who knows exactly what his students wants and gives them that.


You can pay for my course here and get to know strategies which will help you make monthly income for the rest of your life.

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